Ernest “The Cat” Miller

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: February 13, 2007
Ernest “The Cat” Miller
Ernest “The Cat” Miller

NEW JERSEY— It’s the holiday edition of “In The Black”, and it’s time to see exactly what is there to look forward to for the new year, with our African-American wrestling contingent.

I’ll start in an unusual spot, and that’s Ernest “The Cat” Miller. He’s got energy and personality, for sure. However, the question is does he have the gusto to hang with CEO Vince McMahon? Apparently, that’s what he will be trying to do to start off 2004, if last week’s Smackdown was any indication of the coming weeks.

In WCW, Miller was a very compelling mid-card talent. Now, can he step his way into the big time, especially right out of the gate in the WWE? On the flip side, maybe it’s Vince McMahon coming down a peg off of his perch at Titan Tower to not be the main event. After all, whenever Vince steps in front of the cameras, he undoubtedly wants to be the show. This will prove to be a challenge for both participants. We’ll see who is up to it, and who is not.

Continuing with the crystal ball, will Mark Henry’s “World Strongest Man” mantra translate into wins and title opportunities? With what goes on inside the powers that be, who knows? If Booker T. can be left out of the loop, I would expect no different with Henry. He’ll scratch the outside of a main event, but what he needs to get there is another story. He’s not one of Vince’s boys, so outside of leaping onto a table outside the ring, I don’t feel good about Mark’s future endeavors within the WWE. Much like with Booker, NWA-TNA could give Henry the ball to run with, all the way to the top, but will probably never get the chance, if Vince has anything to say about it.

If there’s one women’s matchup that I would want to see for WrestleMania XX, it is Shaniqua(Linda Miles) vs. Jazz. More than likely, there will be no titles at stake. However, these are the 2 powerhouse women of the WWE. Miles has chiseled herself into a buff athlete, while Jazz is recovering from injuries. I can imagine that this would be one whale of a match. Hopefully, it does happen. Logically, Shaniqua would need to move from Smackdown to Raw in order for it to ever get done.

In a different top story, Bill Goldberg is apparently frustrated with the lack of top billing that his character is getting, and it may be enough for him to ask out of the WWE. If that is the case, then perhaps it is a big step for the Bookers and Henrys of the world. After all, despite his current contract dispute with WWE, Goldberg is a major player, and a lot of what happens at the top will be centered around him, as well as Raw’s top dog himself, Triple H.

In closing, I just wanted to publicly congratulate Slyk Wagner Brown on his 3rd straight entry into Pro Wrestling Magazine’s Top 500. I have had a chance to talk to this native of Jamaica on a few occasions, and this guy is still an up and coming talent, who should make his way onto the big stage sooner than later. After all, he did make a cameo in the WWE as a “security guard” a couple of years back, so one never knows. Good luck next year to Slyk, and his valet, April Hunter.

That’s all for this week. You are now officially “In The Black” Talk to you next year. Peace…