Encore Box: Say It Isn’t So Lennox

Updated: February 25, 2007

Originally published February, 25, 2007 SAY IT ISN’T SO LENNOX Lennox ” I’M COMING BACK ” ( THE “OLD” LENNOX )

Pity the Retired Athlete

bored out of his mind

Pity Lennox Lewis

Here we go again the former champion athlete reaching middle age already to make a Fool of himself so desperate for the attention and the fawning he experienced when he was the Big Deal.

The only ones excited about reports of Lewis” “return” are the Big Shots at HBO – finally having ODed on the crap they call the sopranos – who know they can turn this Sad Second Coming into the Green Stuff with the spectacle addicts who are always ready to pluck down $ 49.99 on Saturday night in front of their Boob Tube desperate to try and relieve their own Boredom.

The smartest move Lennox Lewis ever made was to finally retire after dragging out that overdue announcement forever after his Christmas gift “victory” (sic) over Vitali Klitschko in 2003 which Lewis “emerged” from looking more like a traffic accident victim than a World Champion his former moniker.

Now 4 years after that debacle older heavier slower out of conditioning supposedly Lennox thinks he is going to be Reborn. Somebody should tell him Mike Tyson is not going to be available for a pay-per-view circus of Lennox Lewis vs. Mike Tyson unless Lewis is willing to wait 10 years or more for Mike to finish a likely new prison term for cocaine possession. His drug of choice.

Maybe that is not a bad idea

In 10 years when they both show up in the Ring with their walkers and their day care nurses and wearing their adult diapers they might both decide watching endless reruns of ” Sex in the City ” is better than duking it out.

More likely with Tyson watching from the ‘wreck’ room in one prison or another, sometime later this year Lennox Lewis will step into the Ring and try to reclaim his Manhood or something other than a World Championship since he surely is not going to reclaim his Heavyweight Crown.

Yes way back in Christmas Past Lewis really was the World Heavyweight Champion and a good one at that how good depends on who you ask and what they know but Lewis was King of the Hill for a good number of years in the last decade of the 20th century and slightly into the 21st.

In truth his nemesis who he finally fought after ducking him as long as he could Vitali Klitschko then finally “beat” then resumed avoiding until his only other choice was to retire. That Vitali Klitschko who also swore off the fight game and now says he is going to make a Comeback.. With both of them relieved of their Heavyweight Crowns abdicated upon their Retirements the most likely Inevitable Bout we are likely to see is Lennox Lewis vs. Vitali Klitschko

except they are both

probably full of S _ _ t

it’s a lot easier to talk

Come Back than do it

after all those desserts

lounging on the beach

smoking expensive cigars

reliving the Glory Days

in their Aging Minds which

attach to Aging Bodies

only to Come Back

to be Humiliated

for some more

Bucks they

don’t need

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Lennox ” I AM SO BORED “