Dwayne Wade Business Week ‘Hero’

Updated: February 7, 2007




Miami’s Dwayne Wade has made the Cut

in the current issue of Business Week

in a flattering article titled

” Building A Megabrand Named Dwayne ”

BusinessWeek goes so far as to proclaim upfront “How Dwayne Wade of the Heat is rewriting the rules of sports marketing.” Wowee the Heat is on !! Move over Tiger. You have Competition. With a Capital C.

So exactly what is BW talking about ?

Let’s go right to the Heart of the issue. In the words of BW‘s unnamed reporter “He isn’t simply endorsing products, he’s partnering with major brands to design items other than sports equipment and apparel.”

Another integral part of Wade’s Strategy according to BW will be the concept behind his new Website Dwaynewade.com being crafted by Google. That’s right Google. Apparently a chance meeting between Dwayne and a Google executive led to meetings which resulted in Google “going to work for” Wade.

Here is how BW describes the Deal …..

” The goal? A fully interactive site built by Google with Google Search functions embedded. Fans would get a customized mix of e-mail, sports news feeds, flash games, and promotional messages. Hundreds of Wade basketball videos exist on Google and YouTube, and Stroth wants to link them to Wade’s site.”

You’ll have to wait to the projected launch date some time beyond late March to see for yourself if DW‘s Website is really a step beyond that any other athlete is offering. WARNING ! Do not go to Dwaynewade.com now. You definitely will not be impressed. Not at all. In any way. In fact you will be left to wonder why don’t they just put a big picture of him with the obvious message ……


Back to the BW article. Drilling down to its core message as we always do here in the Box. The basic reason BW is contending that Wade is “rewriting the rules of sports marketing” is that he and his advisers are being aggressive in marketing him and being successful in cutting deals that go beyond the shoe and clothing category many athletes never get beyond. But some do DW.

Revolutionary ?????

For example Dwayne has made a deal with T-Mobile that will feature a designer phone that has Wade’s name all over it and combined with a major marketing campaign that will have Dwayne front and center on huge billboards, tv and print ads, etc. Wade’s contention is that he PARTNERS with companies rather than simply making endorsement deals. It may be a hard sell to prove that concept is unique to Wade. How about Michael, Tiger, LeBron, etc. etc……

The other issue BW brings into the mix in defining Wade as “rewriting the rules of sports marketing” is the clean cut All American image he projects being happily married, with no tattoos and as BW puts it NO “brawls, criminal charges, domestic violence.” Let alone poor table manners.

The idea as expressed by the management company that handles Wade, CSMG Sports Ltd, of Chicago in the words of their marketing strategist Andrew Stroh “is to create a global brand that transcends sports.” Forget his peers in the NBA,” he says. “We want people to think of Dwayne Wade the same way they think of [David] Buckram, Jordan, and Tiger.” How about The Lord Above ?

A critic of the Dwayne Wade plan quoted in the article named Stephen Wade Zucker, described as a Chicago based sports agent, says that if Wade and his advisors have such lofty goals for him they should not be making deals with second tier brands like T-Mobile and Converse. Wait a minute T-Mobile second tier. Mr. Zucker better hope Catherine Zeta-Jones or hubby Michael Douglas do not read either BW or the Box. Did he see “Fatal Attraction.”

Anyway let’s wrap this up

is Dwayne Wade rewriting

the rules of Sports Marketing

here is the real point

does anyone really care other

than BW, DW and Us

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