Dawson Makes A Statement While The WBC Cheats Peter

By Tom Donelson
Updated: February 7, 2007

Boxing Gloves IOWA CITY, Ia. — This past weekend, a new American boxing hero may have been born. No one should ever use one fight as a measuring stick of greatness but Chad Dawson’s victory over Tomasz Adamek showed a young fighter with the potential of being something special.

For 29 minutes, Dawson put on a boxing clinic.

Dawson’s hand speed and foot movement troubled the tough Polish fighter. Adamek never could get a rhythm as Dawson continually beat him to the punch.

In the seventh round, a body shot by Dawson caught an off balance Adamek by surprise and sent him to the canvas for an eight count. By the time the ninth round rolled around, Dawson was so far ahead on points that all he had to do was to stay standing.

As the ninth progressed, it looked like a mere repetition of the previous eight. That is until an Adamek right hand sent Dawson reeling. For the next minute, Adamek went for the kill and Dawson hung on to reach his stool at the end of the round.

In the 11th round, Dawson nailed Adamek and took control once again. Tired, Dawson boxed his way to victory in the final stanza and a new star was born. Dawson beat one of the best light heavyweights and Adamek was previously unbeaten.

While the last three rounds were rugged with both men hitting and receiving each other best shots, the first eight rounds were merely target practice for Dawson. Dawson showed toughness and skill as he claimed the WBC version of the title.

Now he is poised to take control of the whole division.

The king of the Light Heavyweights is Bernard Hopkins and the linear light heavyweight belong to Hungarian fighter Zsolt Erdei but Dawson’s skill certainly puts him as one of the division elites.

At the age of 24, he has the potential for a long reign at light heavyweight and he may even grow into a leading cruiserweight. In the light heavyweight division, there are plenty of big fights including Antonio Tarver, Glen Johnson and the IBF title holder, Clinton Woods.

Dawson will have plenty of opportunity to establish his own legacy for the talent is there.

Meanwhile, the WBC is continually to show the absurdity of the sanctioning bodies and demonstrate the biggest reason for boxing decline. The WBC forced Samuel Peter not once but twice to fight James Toney in elimination bouts to fight Oleg Maskekaev.

When Vitali Klitschko came out of retirement, he decided to challenge Maskekaev, who figure that he would make bigger money fighting Kiitschko than by fighting Peter.

Besides, Maskekaev understands that he would be the underdog against either fighter, so go for the big bucks. WBC has no problem with Maskekaev fighting Klitschko, since they can collects a bigger sanctioning fee.

Should we not forget, WBC had already collected sanctioning fees for each of the Toney-Peter fights, so Peter had already paid his due.

Showtime Al Bernstein complained, “Even by boxing organizations’ standards, this is a new low.” The WBC, like the other sanctioning bodies, has simply refuse to enforce the rules that they have set up and Bernstein observed that is what “happens when rules mean nothing.”

Instead of fighting for a championship, Peter is stuck in limbo with no titles to fight for. The WBC refusal to allow the Peter fight Maskekaev is acting in defiance of their own rules.

There is very little that Peter can do except sue. The WBC is hoping that Peter accept compensation in place of the fight (some people would call it a bribe) but for the moment, Peter wants a championship bout not money.

The sanctioning bodies are the major cancer in boxing today for they set rules and then refuse to enforce when it is not convenient. They charge fees to fighters to “fight” in their championship fights but these fees are nothing more than extortion.

As long as there is no single honest body running the organization with the best interest of the sport, boxing will continue its decline. There is nothing wrong with the talent that is inside the ring but there is plenty outside the ring.