Commissioner Roger Goodell State of the NFL

Updated: February 4, 2007



All kinds of stuff

happen SuperBowl Week

this time in Miami

much of it ridiculous

most often mindless

more than anything

One Big Partyfest

for Corporate Elite

who fly in on private jets

( tough for Global Warming )

and the media hoards that don’t

It is also the very best time of year for NFL Brass to Pontificate ( great word ). With the largest media crowd for any sports event all year long and from all over the globe with nothing at all to do but listen endlessly to this Stuff between the good stuff the parties. It’s a superb audience for new NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell most of all. As expected he delivers and delivers and delivers.

Until no reporters are left standing or sober

So let’s tell you what he had to say and didn’t. First of all he slammed the players. Not all the players of course but those who proved social misfits this last season getting arrested or sanctioned for one mindless incident or another among them fighting, carrying a gun, drug use, etc. All told less than two dozen players out of over 1000 NFL players. 70+ % of the players African American.

Now we can’t fault Goodell on a superficial level. The bad guys should be chastised. But on a deeper level the “real” message is all these BLACK players really leave a lot to be desired. Because the largely White audience for his comments are going to take his comments as a generalized broad stroke criticism of all those BLACK players in the NFL even if he is specifically directing his comments at only very few players. In other words sports fans Roger Goodell’s remarks translate into a form of Stereotyping or profiling if you prefer.

What’s our Point ……

While Goodell prides himself and the media gives him credit for Leadership in addressing deplorable behavior by a few players and doing it SuperBowl Week we get a very different impression here in the Black Box ( OK maybe if we had been invited to Miami it would have looked different NOT ) that at best Goodell is brain dead and being cavalier bringing up that subject at the SuperBowl.

At worst and more likely whether he or his speech writer ( the same thing ) knew exactly what he was doing using a “safe” environment to criticize Black players and keep them on the “defensive.” Real Leadership would have been NOT using SuperBowl Week to make such comments.

Here is Goodell in his own words ……

“”One incident is too many in my book. I think we need to re-evaluate all of our programs. We have a tremendous number of programs that I think have been quite successful to help our players. But I think we’ve got to do more.”

Like shut up Roger and talk about something else

Finally this Commissioner did speak about other things. Such as hoping the Rooney Rule will soon not be necessary. That all owners will give fair and equal consideration to African Americans for coaching positions. Who is he kidding. What we really need is a STRONGER Rooney Rule that addressees the “sham” interviews of Black candidates most NFL teams use to meet the requirement with NO intention of ever hiring a Black head coach. As in fact 80% of NFL teams have NEVER hired an African American head coach.

On other matters …….

Goodell sidestepped the issues of the ever increasing health problems of ex-NFL players as well as coaches “encouraging” active players to keep playing even when they are suffering from health problems such as claimed by former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson. Even more widespread is the issue of the NFL claiming no responsibility for the medical problems of former players that are a direct result of their playing days.

As Goodell said during his “State of the NFL” press conference “I am very concerned any time you see the men who helped make this game great have the medical issues they’re having. Goodell says he’ll study the issue with Upshaw, but he’s not saying if the league will commit any money.”

Talking about Money. All the money ALL the NFL owners make from the most successful sports league on Earth. One question Goodell did not address and of course the White Media Hoard did not ask him was about the lack of even one African American owner in the NFL. In its entire history.

No Rooney Rule for that “problem” the NFL does not admit.

So that is it SuperBowl Fans

The State of the NFL

lots of wind breaking over Miami

last year Paul Tagliabue now

for the next 10 years or so

Roger Goodell and don’t wait

for a Black Commissioner

to address the State of the NFL

better off spending your time

SuperBowl Partying with

the White Corporate Elite

( if you can fat chance )

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….