Coming Soon Black Athletes In 3D

Updated: February 18, 2007

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Hand it to the NBA

they understand product ‘extension’

you could say in all its Dimensions

And since it’s still Black Ball we are about to see African American NBA basketball players like they have never been seen before before you see a lot of While Players in other Sports presented in the Glory of 3D. It begins in Las Vegas with this Sunday’s All Star Game.

Yes Sunday while a sell out live crowd watches the Star Hoopsters go through their motions Sunday nearby 600 industry executives, theatre owners and other VIPs invited to a unique event will don special headsets and experience the Game as it has not been see before looking very LIVE without being there.

A technology wizard who was part of the team that crafted Titanic has now taken his latest breakthru and there will be some strange looking cameras in the Arena along with all the other HD camera gear broadcasting the All Stars around the world. In this case these cameras are for one small select audience.

The NBA is going through all the expense and effort to deliver a larger than life 3D HD image because they see a very BIG new profit center emerging for themselves broadcasting Major Games then more and more NBA games into movie theatres and other group venues for an experience far different than being Home Alone even if you have a monster flat screen HD receiver there. The NBA even projects this format may create lots of NEW fans who like the experience.

Then there is the worldwide audience that in many cases might be even more receptive to going to theatres to see NBA games that look almost like they are actually being played right there in Bangkok or Wherever.

Our spin here is not the technology as much as the fact that NBA players from LeBron to Kobe and on and on are going to have a new way to power their image and “bond” with the Fans for fun and profit. Making them that much more Bigger than Life. And if the NBA teams make more $$$ as a result as night game follows day off players will want their Share. Why not.

On a even higher level

The NBA is leading the way for all Sports and all the various leagues into a new profit area we have been highlighting in the Box before any such broadcasts were available. Next up in theatre format will be the upcoming NCAA Basketball Championships. The Boston Red Sox already have a number of their always sold out games available in theatres in large screen HD format. How long before the Yankees follow.

3D will be coming to all games sooner or later.

The only ones who don’t seem to Get It at all believe it or not is the most profitable league of all the NFL. They have an ABSOLUTE prohibition against group broadcasting in anything bigger than a bar or a small church gathering. Before the recent SuperBowl NFL Commissioner Goodell and his Henchmen put the fear of God into a church and its pastor in Middle America who planned to project the game on a very large screen for the enjoyment of Parishioners.

Guess what !

Who do you think is likely to be the Biggest Cheerleader for group viewing of sports events in larger than life HD by next SuperBowl. The ravenous appetite of the 32 NFL owners will not allow them to sit on the Sidelines while every other sport gets even richer presenting games in theatres, auditoriums, ballrooms and wherever 100 or more people gather to have fun.

Call it the evolution of Sports

First there was only the live spectators since the dawn of Sports, then radio revolutionized the business of sports then regular TV even more, then cable, then came home HD, and why should the evolution stop there.

It won’t. Indeed we can argue super high quality HD ( 3D or not ) broadcast larger than life with Surround Sound and infinite camera angles in a group setting can be as good as if not better than being there. Super Reality !

Who do you think …

Who would have had more fun back on February 4th the 60,000+ who got soaked to the Bone in a relentless rainstorm after paying hundreds of dollars a ticket OR those who might been but weren’t in a comfortable theatre or ballroom dry and comfy eating and drinking to their hearty content …..

….. moving around as they pleased while watching the SuperBowl on huge screens feeling as though they were right on the Field so close to the players they tried to wipe the raindrops of their their helmets and their faces and even swipe the Game Ball. And after the game NO auto gridlock leaving the stadium !

The Time has come

the only questions is

will African Americans

benefit at all or some

we’ll see in theatres

large and small

soon enough in


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