Bring on the Backlash

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: February 13, 2007
Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin

NEW JERSEY—In the wrestling world, if there is a reason to watch anything after WrestleMania, it is usually the aftermath. That brings us to the present, which will center around the next pay-per-view, appropriately titled Backlash. This is where all of that drama that went down at WrestleMania XX gets settled.

For example, the love saga that is Trish Stratus, Christian and Chris Jericho will come to a head, when Stratus and Christian take on Jericho in a 2-on-1 handicap match. Since I have never found Christian to be all that entertaining, I do expect a halfway decent match, but not a whole lot more.

Then, there’s the women’s championship match between Lita and Victoria. For once, Vinnie Mac is not going for the T&A aspect in a women’s match. This is actually a legit title match, but it could be the last one for a long time to come, especially if it doesn’t go well.

Ini a straight grudge match, hardcore legend Mick Foley meets Randy Orton, who has already surpassed his cast wearing daddy, and his in-ring endeavors. This one will be a total bloodbath. Count on it.

From an African-American point of view – which is not easy to find on this particular card – young Shelton Benjamin will meet the icon Ric Flair. Now, after obtaining 2 victories over Triple H, Shelton is actually taking a step back in class here. With all of Flair’s credentials in the ring, that’s not an easy thing to say, but it’s still true. Flair is one of the very old veterans here, so Shelton should get the win. If not, then I have to question why McMahon would ever put him over Triple H.

In the main event, Chris Benoit returns to his old neighborhood of Edmonton, Canada to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against both Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Supposedly, the odds of Benoit winning the same match against the same opponents twice in a row are next to impossible. Then again, most thought that Shelton Benjamin would never beat “The Game”, Triplr H. That also happened twice.

That’s your condensed preview for WWE Backlash this weekend. On a side note, I found this out through the Internet lines. Smackdown’s Orlando Jordan has opened up a web site, and the address is It’s an interesting site for a WWE wrestler, only because it has match spoilers, interviews, and some stuff you would not see on other sites. If you check out, let me know what you think of it. That’s it for this time. Talk to you down the line, as you are now “In The Black”.