Bernie Williams and the Age Old Questions

Updated: February 9, 2007


The field of Dreams

lasts only so long for anyone

no matter how seductive

it remains

Most of us, guys anyway would give almost anything to be magically transformed into a Major League baseball player. Even for just one day. Being out on the field not sitting in the stands. The snap of the ball. The swish of the bat. The smell of the green grass and infield dirt. Even the call of the Umpires.

Surrounded by thousands

of cheering fans

Standing at the Plate watching a zooming fast ball, your perfectly timed swing, the crack of the ball on your bat as it sails over the field into the Stands for a HomeRun as you round the bases in Jubilant Triumphant.

Surrounded by thousands

of cheering fans

Watching the scoreboard as one inning passes into the next, lost in time, hypnotized by the rhythm of the game, taking the field, making the Big Plays, saving runs, throwing out runners. Then into the Dugout waiting for your next turn to smash another HomeRun. Even win the game !

Surrounded by thousands

of cheering fans

You and I have never had those Major League experiences but thousands of men have. Quite a few. One of them being long time New York Yankee Bernie Williams now 38. Bernie does not want it to go away. Not just Baseball but precisely the love of his life New York Yankees baseball.

Instead he is facing his Mortality

Baseball Mortality that is

The Yankees have already ALREADY sold over 3 million tickets for the 2007 season and now have over 30,000 season ticket holders. George Steinbrenner guarantees those results by fielding the best team money can buy.

Fans may not see the next World Champions ( needless to say ) but it is almost certain they are far more likely to see the Yankees win then lose whichever game the 3 million+ fans have bought their tickets for. In most fans minds seeing the hometown team WIN is an essential part of an enjoyable afternoon or evening at the ball park. With the Yankees its a near “guarantee.”

Poor Bernie as good as he is

at 38 isn’t all that attractive

anymore as part of

this equation

Even though he was last season. With a very impressive 420 at-bats, in over 131 games with 61 RBIs, 12 HomeRuns and a very respectable .281 batting average. Still the Yankees have judged him Yankee Old. He might make it to spring training MAYBE but barring someone else’s very bad luck. A major injury or being hit by a truck Bernie is unlikely to go North.

Bernie Williams is facing his Fate

If truth be known and why shouldn’t it Williams could get guaranteed contract offers even if for only one season maybe for two from a few other MLB clubs but Bernie seems uninterested in witnessing his Decline anywhere else outside of Yankee Stadium after becoming comfortable with Yankee Blue over 16 seasons. NEVER playing anywhere else since beginning his MLB career in 1991.

Bernie Williams seems SAD if photos are to be believed. He does not want to face his Baseball Mortality. Why should he. For sports fans on the other side of the fence – even if few admit it or even realize it – the fast life cycle of athletes is one of their appealing if unheralded characteristics.

. Their entire professional “lives” pass before ours in a time frame in which ours don’t budge all that much. We can see Bernie Williams start his New York Yankee career in 1991 when a lucky fan might be no more than 25. Then watch Bernie rise to starring prominence over the following years then say his farewells and go into possible retirement 16 years later while the fan is still only 41 now. Looking ahead to another 3 or 4 or more player cycles before he reaches his End.

Of course its even better for Bernie

if he can get over his loss and

realize he is now only 38 !

Baseball career or not

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