Bears Superbowl Loss May Prove Troy Smith’s Salvation

Updated: February 6, 2007



Tony Dungy & Lovi Smith were

both African American Winners

in SuperBowl 41 for being there

An African American who probably wasn’t in the Stands may have won as Big if not Bigger whether he realizes it or not. Draft challenged Heisman Quarterback Troy Smith who almost 3 months before the NFL Draft is already being relegated to 2nd tier even 3rd tier Draft status. With none of the experts or pundits picking him as a 1st Round Draft Choice where of course he wants to be.

As reported here Smith is lobbying

hometown Cleveland Big Time

hoping to avoid a lesser fate

But life and Troy’s city of choice may have changed quickly with one of the most pathetic Quarterback performances in SuperBowl (some would say football) history by Clueless Bears Quarterback Rex Grossman. You can claim Grossman is not the only reason the Colts demolished the Bears. After all there were a lot of other players on that rainswept Gridiron. But Grossman stood apart !

Now let’s be fair here

The Chicago Bears made it to the SuperBowl the SUPERBOWL with Rex Grossman as their Starting Quarterback all season and post-season long. You have to give him that. It is a fact. And he did have his Moments. Then again so would you have if you had been playing Quarterback for the Bears.

The larger point is Rex Grossman is not a REAL Quarterback by any professional standards. He proved it without a doubt embarrassing himself again and again Sunday until mercifully the game ended after 60 minutes of play. Even looking into his face on the close ups as he prepared to take the snap. You could almost hear him saying to himself “WHAT AM I DOING HERE PLAYING QUARTERBACK. Somebody wake me from this nightmare.”

Anyway enough we are not here to bury Rex Grossman

he does not need any help he did it all by himself

very very convincingly

Now there are some rigid if unstated rules in football specifically the NFL. Rex Grossman guaranteed will begin the 2007 season as the Chicago Bears STARTING Quarterback.. Again you do not make it all the way to the SuperBowl as Starting QB and instantly lose your job as Quarterback.

It doesn’t work that way

What will happen is far more subtle. Behind Grossman’s back the Bears meaning all the way up to and including the Bears owners will be looking for any reason to sever Grossman from his Starting Role because in fact as good as the Bears were in 2006 If they had a Real Quarterback they may have gone undefeated and certainly would have had a good chance of winning SuperBowl 41.

The point is if Chicago wants to come back for SuperBowl 42 or certainly SuperBowl 43 it is likely to be under the command of someone other than Rex Grossman. Well the Bears have others QBs on the roster. Really. ‘Old’ Brian Griese and ‘Young’ Kyle Orton. So no doubt there are those who will say the Bears will NEVER Draft another Quarterback this coming April.

But you can go to Sports Illustrated or

The New York Times to read that story

We see things differently here in the Box if only to keep you coming back for more and to stimulate your dormant Brain Cells. Besides we are usually if not always right. The Bears would rather use Orton and/or Griese as complex trade material with the many other QB deficient NFL teams to meet other Bears needs rather than pass up the possibility of Drafting a Quarterback who just might become the SuperStar QB which the Bears certainly do not have.

Name any names you want but

there is ONLY one Quarterback

in this next Draft who is being

greatly discounted who meets

that kind of profile

Since we gave away our “secret” in the headline you already know he is Ohio State’s Troy Smith. Who virtually guaranteed will still be available when the Bears finally get their First Round selection DEAD last. Conventional wisdom is that Chicago will choose someone like Tennessee Offensive Tackle Arron Sears but with Heisman winner Troy Smith unclaimed and with the Bears QB “challenged” Smith may prove just too tempting to pass up especially since he may well go elsewhere in the 2nd Round if they don’t take him First Round

There is another imponderable here that adds to Troy SMITH‘S appeal it is Lovi SMITH. No relation in the typical sense. But under the tutelage of another African American standout Troy Smith just might do better than he would anywhere else. And while of course Lovi Smith can NEVER say he loves the idea of a BLACK Quarterback leading his team to victory in the coming years does anyone ANYONE doubt that is True ?

So please don’t be completely SURPRISED if come one Sunday in November, 9 months from now after a steamy summer, when you turn on the television low and behold the Starting Quarterback for the Chicago Bears is Troy Smith.

It is far from a Guarantee but neither is it Inconceivable. Even more fascinating would be the FIRST SuperBowl featuring TWO African American Quarterbacks Tennessee vs. Chicago. Vince Young vs. Troy Smith. Ridiculous ? We we were the first to predict a Chicago vs. Indianapolis SuperBowl this year.

For now go search

Google news until

you collapse from exhaustion


you will not find even one

other article suggesting

( not yet anyway )

The Chicago Bears may

use their First Round Draft

Choice to take Troy Smith

just don’t be Stupid enough

to bet against it yes indeed

Fate works in Mysterious Ways

without a doubt in Sports

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