Aristocrat Aplomb vs Bourgeois Indiscretions: Super Bowl XLI

By H. Lewis Smith
Updated: February 2, 2007

This weekend's AFC and NFC Championship Games will take on even greater significance for Colts coach Tony Dungy, left, and Bears coach Lovie Smith.BEVERLY HILLS, Ca. — Self-respect, pride, dignity and honor are what are being demonstrated by two distinguished African American NFL head coaches Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith. These two coaches truly represent one of the great moments in American history.

One black head coach to be coaching in the Super Bowl for the first time would be historical enough, but for both head coaches to be black is truly a monumental moment in American history.

However, this article is about something that transcends the spirit of this chronicle event. Let’s compare the demeanor of Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith to the antics of some of our entertainers and actors.

Can you possibly imagine either one of these two head coaches disgracing themselves and their race with the public use of the n-word? NO! Can you imagine either one of these fine distinguished gentlemen insisting that it is okay to use the n-word in an affectionate and endearing way? NO!

There is a quote that states “Excellence is a form of habit”. The character of both Dungy and Smith manifests this quote most admirably. I wish that I could say the same for a certain Oscar Award winning actor who demonstrates the exact opposite by flushing self-respect, pride, dignity and honor down the commode.

Unlike some of our actors and entertainers Dungy and Smith are the epitome of what it takes to encourage, challenge, support, build-up, empower, define, strengthen, respect, create value, be prophetic, be directional, inspirational, loving, compassionate, strong, prideful, honest, understanding, historically correct, honoring, instructional, maternal, paternal and caring.

We must be one hundred percent cognizant of the fact that we are responsible for our own community’s success and direction. Therefore, we can no longer accept any activity or behavior that does not reflect well on our communities’ image, welfare, morale code or on our political, economical, physical, social, and spiritual condition of our overall environment. Our communities need to always reflect a sense of pride, safety, beauty, family, order, loyalty, enterprise / commerce and above all the dignity of its inhabitants.

We must work from a base of mutual respect for one another and allow the truth to prevail. We must vow that nothing will separate us from building each other up.

We must teach that we should expect from one another– honor, self-respect, truthfulness, dignity, compassion, understanding, flexibility, commitment, forgiveness, stability and overall emotional health!

The idea is simply to love, honor and respect one another! In so doing, we will cease from using the infamous “n” word and all other words that add no value to our human existence! It has been said that whatever goes into the heart of a person will certainly come out of that person.

Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are certainly reflective of these ideals and the United Voices for a Common Cause wish to extent to them both, hearty congratulations for their tremendous achievements.