A Little Skinny on Black Wrestlers

By Al Rage
Updated: February 13, 2007


Booker T.

Houston, Texas — Booker T commenting about his new gimmick G.I Bro, “I really don’t want it, but I am going with the flow for now.” Booker T came out nine years ago in the Indy’s. I think he needs something new.

The Rock The Rock is the most popular wrestler in the WWF, right now. So it makes superb biz sense for the WWF to keep him. What did they give him to do it?

He got a big fat juicy five-year deal. But the WWF has and always tried to lock up their wrestlers for long periods of time. Anyway, The Rock is at the top. And the WWF doesn’t have to worry about him going anywhere.

Mark Henry

Mark Henry returns to the WWF but he has to keep his weight down. His career has been plagued with injuries. It is a coin toss when it comes to whether or not he will be able to do what it takes to stay.

D Lo Brown

D Lo Brown isn’t getting much of a push right now because the WWF says he has got to get in better shape.

Peace. .