What About BASN Spike Why Not Do The Right Thing

Updated: January 25, 2007



We’re not complaining

YES we are sort of

NO not that Spike Lee has made large contributions to Morehouse College to establish a program in sports journalism for its African American student body. YES we are complaining that Spike Lee really thinks (apparently) having a few more African Americans working for White Media will change anything.

Because you see Dear Readers ….

Rich Spike Lee did not donate a total of almost $1Million to his alma mater Morehouse College so that a few more young African Americans might work at ESPN or Sports Illustrated, NYT Sports, etc., etc. NO Spike’s goal is much loftier he says he wants to transform the media coverage of Black athletes.

Well Spike time to WAKE up

The White Media is never going to become the Black Media. White Media does not hire African Americans to present a Black perspective in Sports. They hire Black writers and Black broadcasters to prove they believe in Diversity and so that they don’t get hit with discrimination law suits.

Spike if you were a Black journalist

USA Today would not be interested

in hiring you to write about

Black Sports ….

USA Today would hire you with the very specific intent that their audience reading sports stories would never be able to tell if the reporter is white, black, green or yellow they want Sports reporting not Black sports reporting.

So give lots of money to Morehouse College. In fact we hope you give even more but do not do it under the misconception that you are going to change the tone or the quality of sports coverage in America.

We need a good quote from Spike

to put this in perspective

“Too often, Lee declared, black athletes are portrayed in the media as “one-dimensional, selfish, immature and poor citizens” because of the lack of African American media representation. “Too long we have been on the field, but not in charge of generating the images of our athletes,” Lee said. The solution, he said, is to “train black sports journalists who would willing to interact with athletes and describe them as people.”

Spike should have learned something from his own experience in the film industry. He has brought an African American perspective to film because he makes his movies and he controls his movies. HE HAS HIS OWN PRODUCTION COMPANY. 40 Acres & a Mule Filmworks.

Black Athlete Sports Network exists because we aren’t trying to please White Media Executives. BASN is owned and operated by and for African Americans to bring a Black perspective to Sports.

Check out our Front Page Spike any day of the week you aren’t going to see any of these stories, certainly not the point of view here at ESPN or Sports Illustrated or the Washington Post. Or New York Times.

Those fine young men and women who will leave Morehouse College trained as Sports Journalists because of your generosity should have the option to work in a Black Sport environment if they like where they can write as African Americans not bury their Color and point of view behind a “white mask.”

BASN has a network of African American journalists either stuck at White Media or worse unable to support themselves as Sports Journalists who would love to be getting their paycheck from BASN ……

………. and BASN is eager to do so but Spike we need the INVESTORS who will provide us the resources to grow. Just like there aren’t any successful Whites interested in sponsoring sports journalism at Morehouse College well neither are they eager to put their investment dollars into Black Athlete Sports Network. They like their Sports White. Even if it means passing up an exciting investment opportunity that can pay them big dividends.

So Spike do those young people

at Morehouse College a Big Favor

and everyone who wants

balanced Sports Media

Colorful Dynamic Sports Media

all across America & Beyond

make a smart investment

right here at BASN !

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box ……. blackbox@blackathlete.net