Well Mr. Rooney How Will Your ‘Rooney Rule’ Now Apply To Your Own Team

Updated: January 17, 2007



Dan Rooney has been

widely praised in

some circles

Over the last few years as head of the NFL owners diversity committee for promulgating the rule for NFL teams that they must interview at least one Black (or other so called minority) whenever a head coaching position becomes available. While there were 7 African American head coaches during the 2006 season a “record” although 2 of them are already fired – it is unclear how many owners take the Rooney Rule seriously or rather interview one African American candidate they have no intention of hiring.

Well justice is upon us

The Rooney Rule has finally landed right on Dan Rooney’s own Pittsburgh Steelers with the resignation of long time coach Bill Cowher. You can be sure ALL the 31 other NFL owners will be watching Rooney closely many of them hoping hoping hoping that Rooney is forced to look like a hypocrite by hiring another WHITE head coach. For HIS Pittsburgh Steelers.

One thing we know for sure which smacks of hypocrisy. Rooney’s own diversity committee at the NFL early in December supposedly identified at least 10 “minority” candidates that teams in search of new head coaches for 2007 should seriously consider. While there may be 10 or more Rooney and his Steelers have only interviewed ONE African American for their vacancy. The very same number almost every team does so as not to violate the Rooney Rule.

There may or may not be

some good news here

The Steelers have interviewed Minnesota Vikings 34 year old defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin. There are some reports leaking out that he is a serious contender for the Steelers head coaching job. Rooney really is in a Box (not ours) being the owner most identified with so called diversity and even more very outspoken in his support for more so called minority hiring in the coaching ranks..

Dan Rooney can now justify in a thousand different ways or a million if he wishes why he did not hire a Black head coach is he does not but it will not do him any good. If Mr. NFL Diversity himself after all is said and done hires a White head coach he simply cannot be taken seriously.

Fair or not in the minds of some

Because after that every other single NFL owner can claim to be every bit as “holy” as Dan Rooney. That they sincerely searched the nation far and wide from sea to shining sea for just one Good African American to be their new head coach but JUST LIKE ROONEY they could not !!

And have no doubt …

There will even be African Americans (God help us) “defending” Rooney if he hires a White head coach telling us all Rooney truly is sincere he really did want to hire a Black head coach IF only he could have. Yeayeayea. Bend over.

The fact is …..

Whether or not Dan Rooney hires an African American head coach either will add some important credibility to the “rule” that bears his name but if he hires a White head coach regardless the “rule” for all practical purposes is worthless.

So it looks like

Dan Rooney’s ‘fate’ is

certainly his credibility is

and the Rooney Rule is

in Mike Tomlin’s hands

an African American’s

Black Hands for a Change

time for Dan Rooney

to put up or shut up

So Dan what

will it be ?

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