Vince Young 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year

Updated: January 4, 2007



All the Vince Young bashers


you lose !

Here in the Box

we always knew how

good Vince Young

was is and will be

All throughout his college career at Texas we put up with the detractors who said he wasn’t “all that good.” Until he shut them up leading Texas to an undefeated season and the BCS Championship Game where Young answered ALL his critics and produced a memorable victory over what’s his name Matt Leinart and USC …

Then Young wasn’t good enough to be picked either #1 or #2 in the Draft and even after Tennessee took him #3 the fools were back criticizing the Titans for not being “smart enough” (sic) to take Matt Leinart over Young.

Even the Tennessee Titans were not confident enough in Young to have him begin his rookie season as their Starting Quarterback. It was only after Tennessee began the 2006 season 0-3 that Young finally got the call from head coach Jeff Fisher to lead the Titans. And lead them he did. Young’s record at Quarterback this season was 8-5 including victories over the New Jersey Giants and Houston Texans that were two of the most exciting games in the entire NFL this season.

In his rookie season not even starting until Tennessee’s 4th game of the season Vince Young still established himself already as the most exciting and dynamic Quarterback in the entire NFL. And almost almost miraculously brought them a wild card berth in the play-offs. Had they been playing a lesser team than the New England Patriots in their final regular season game. The Titans almost became the first team ever to start a season 0-5 and make the play-offs

And now Vince Young

has been named

NFL Rookie of the Year

how sweet it is !

Let’s put it in context Young did not just win Rookie of the Year. He demolished all the would be competitors including maybe especially another superstar in the making Reggie Bush who was the pre-season favorite to “run away” with Rookie of the Year honors. Instead Young received 23 of the 50 vote in the AP poll, second place was shared by two players who each got 9 votes.

In other words Young got almost 3 times the votes as his nearest competitors, while Reggie Bush got all of the 3 votes. VINCE YOUNG WAS THE ONLY ROOKIE QUARTERBACK TO GET ANY VOTES AT ALL. And he is only the second Quarterback to ever win Rookie of the Year.

Young also became the first rookie Quarterback in the modern era to run for more than 500 yards even while it was his passing as his strength and his ticket to 2006 Rookie of the Year. What his carefully utilized running proves is that Young is truly the complete package. In this “modern era” the “perfect” Quarterback is being redefined as a superior passer and leader who can run very well in situations that require it and when circumstance demands.

It is now clear that it is not Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb who is going to be the African American Quarterback who will define the Quarterback position in the NFL in the early years of the 21st century. That distinction is most likely to fall to Vince Young. The BIG loser in all this is the Houston Texans. Young’s home town team that Vince so desperately wanted to play for and who fans throughout the Houston region clamored for Houston to Draft.

To no avail

Instead Tennessee beat Houston twice this season. Most notable in OT as Vince Young ran 39 yards for a TD and VIctory while the Houston Texans ended up in last place in their division once again. Had the Texans drafted Young as they could have easily done with their #1 pick things would look very very different in Houston today and even more so for tomorrow. Forget them.

As Young said at the end of that Houston game “It was a great ending. Being from Houston and being in front of my family and the fans that respect me as a player and a person, as well, it can’t get any better than that.”

Now go Bang the Drums

LOUDLY for Vince Young

he deserves it and more

2006 NFL Rookie of the Year

and as for next season how about

NFL Most Valuable Player ….

what’s that you’re saying

Vince Young bashers ?

we can’t hear you

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