Vijay Singh Comes Roaring Back to the Tour (Like a Tiger?)

Updated: January 9, 2007



While Tiger rests

Vijay plays and

wins in Hawaii

It has been a tough stretch for Vijay Singh. He had won only one of his last 35 tournaments. Following being named the world’s #1 golf pro in 2004 beating out Tiger Woods and wreaking his streak. Then it all fell apart in 2006 especially even as Singh continued to win lots of tour Dough. Finishing in the Top 10 in many events in the Top 5 consistently. But not winning.

Conventional wisdom became that Vijay now 44 was just too old to hold his own with the likes of Tiger any more. That is effect Vijay Singh’s “old” body was finally falling apart at least by the standards he set for himself in the years prior.

Maybe it is true

One tournament the first of 2007 does not define the entire year but still Singh’s impressive victory in the Mercedes-Benz Championship n Hawaii this past weekend while Tiger rested in his mansion or on his yacht or flying around in his private jet, leaves open the tantalizing possibility Vijay Singh is back and that the world’s 2 best golfers in 2007 might well be Black.

With his win in Hawaii Singh broke Sam Sneed’s record for most tour victories for a pro over 40 years old. Singh has now won 18 tournaments since turning 40. That is not necessarily even a record Tiger Woods will break..

What Vijay Singh does better than anyone on the Tour. Any golfer you care to name. Vijay Singh works harder both on his golf game and physical conditioning. HIs efforts are frequently referred to as Legendary in the annals of golf.

The fact that Jack Nicklaus won the Masters at 46 may well help motivate Singh. As for right now the first really big test of 2007 and Vijay’s ability to vie to become #1 in the world of golf yet again will be coming up on 3 weeks when Tiger begins his quest to remain #1 playing at the Buick Invitational.

So for the next 3 weeks

Vijay rules golf again

after that we’ll have to see

if he can stay on Tiger’s tail

2 Black golfers competing

to be the very Best

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