Troy Smith in “Denial” Ahead of Big Game The Real Issue $$$$

Updated: January 8, 2007



We already covered it once

but IT is worth covering

again in light of

Troy Smith’s comments

to Bill Rhoden which

appear in Sunday’s NY Times

For the first time – as first reported right here – a BCS Championship game will feature two African American Quarterbacks leading their teams into the game that will end in one of them Ohio State or Florida forever being the 2006 NCAA National Football Champion.

We think it’s a Big Deal

it is a BIG Deal

not so

Troy Smith

Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith thinks it is completely irrelevant if he is White or Black and that it is insignificant that two African American Quarterbacks will be featured Monday evening. According to Times columnist Bill Rhoden Troy Smith doesn’t even think Warren Moon being the first Black Quarterback to be elected to the NFL Hall of Fame is a Big Deal.

Color does not count

in Troy Smith’s world

which begs the Question

what planet is he on ?

We already documented Smith’s flip comment to BASN the night of the Heisman selection. Basically Smith said he did not care at all that he was only the 3rd Black Quarterback to win the Heisman. Now Bill Rhoden takes Troy Smith’s views even further. Smith told Rhoden being a Black Quarterback is no longer an issue that “we’re way beyond it. It is not significant at all with Quarterbacks. That’s a moot point WE SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM IT.” says Smith.

Smith continued ” I DON’T SEE COLOR. I see people in my situation. I DISLIKE IT SO MUCH WHEN THEY SAID WARREN MOON WAS THE FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN QUARTERBACK INDUCTED INTO THE HALL OF FAME. He’s a Quarterback. I didn’t appreciate that.”

What planet is Troy Smith on anyway

His brief comment to BASN was bad enough. These other comments border on pathetic. Does he apply the same logic to Martin Luther King Jr. and his struggles against discrimination off the Gridiron ? He might. Based on these views.

Not only is the history of the African American Quarterback relevant. Outstanding Black Quarterbacks like Troy Smith should make themselves experts in the history of the Black Quarterback. Get this Troy Smith is getting himself a degree in African American studies and he still doesn’t care.

We’re going to assist Smith

right here right now

the definitive history of

the African American

Quarterback in the NFL

is here on the BASN

Website authored by

Lloyd Vance at

Do yourself a favor Troy and don’t just read it study it. Sounds like you don’t even know who Willie Thrower was. Let alone the brave pioneers who preceded him prior to the modern era. Most of all you don’t know nor care of the hundreds if not thousands of talented Black athletes who never got the opportunity to play Quarterback because of one reason RACISM in the NFL.

Well if you are an educated young man Troy Smith you should be familiar with a very famous quote from the philosopher Carlos Santana ” those who forget history are doomed to repeat it..” Meaning not that the future will be exactly like the past but that human failings will repeat themselves again and again.

Let’s fast forward to right now

Troy Smith’s comments would also indicate he is even oblivious to the struggles of the Quarterback he will face Monday night Chris Leak. Chris Leak as superior a Quarterback he has been the last few season for Florida, Leak was forced to put up with Florida alumni and sportscasters clamoring for him to be replaced this season by a WHITE Freshman Tim Tebow. And in fact it was never made clear before this season that Leak did not have to earn back his starting role.

Even more Smith should listen to some of the comments by outstanding African American Quarterbacks in the NFL today as related by Bill Rhoden.. Donovan McNabb for one doubts Black Quarterbacks will gain equality in the NFL. He says ” I don’t think so. A lot of organizations – they may not say it – but that is not what they want. I don’t think that is what they really want. I don’t know if they really want a true leader, an African American, to be the face of their team.”

Does Smith know ALL 32 NFL owners are White and

that there has NEVER been an African American owner

nor has there ever been a Black NFL Commissioner

Byron Leftwich is more oblique in his comment. But in effect he says if teams think they can get away with pocket quarterbacks ( read white ) they will. If not will in effect grudgingly accept more African American Quarterbacks.

The even larger issue which Troy Smith should face but probably never will is the very structure of the NFL and the unique importance of the Quarterback. He should say to himself WHY in 2006 the 21st century are there only a half dozen Starting African American Quarterbacks among 32 teams. Far less Black players than any other of the 22 offense or defense position on the football field.

The fact is and the irony is

Very likely Troy Smith is being “advised” yes they may well be African American “advisors” telling Toy Smith not to identify himself as a Black Quarterback let alone proclaim pride in that fact. Because it will cost him money.

That he will not get the same kind of endorsement deals if he self identifies himself as an African American Quarterback. In fact if his advisors are really “smart” they will tell Troy Smith calling himself a Black Quarterback might even result in him not doing as well in the NFL Draft upcoming in April.

Guess what they would be correct

Troy Smith will do “better”

for HIMSELF n the NFL

especially as a Quarterback

if he “denies” being Black

we rest our case

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