Time To Rumble Big Match Down Under Sunday

Updated: January 26, 2007



3 Boxes in one week

Serena you are the Queen

This transcends Sports

This is Sports and the

Australian Open Final

Too bad for the Time Difference. Australia is 16 hours ahead of the East Coast of these United States. This would have made great Saturday afternoon Network TV here in the U.S. Instead it will be great Saturday afternoon TV in Australia and Friday night secondary Cable TV here.

But not to Worry

Friday evening here on ESPN2 at 9:30PM Eastern Standard Time you can see all the action. Did we say ACTION. That is the operative word ACTION. Tennis may or may not be your favorite Sport. In fact let’s assume it is not.

That not only don’t you play Tennis. That you are even normally loathe to watch Tennis. SO WHAT. This is Different. Very Different. For a few hours Saturday afternoon there. Friday evening here. On that bland green surface with only a net separating the 2 players we will witness COMBAT and desire and yes even fear as Sports at its very best brings us.

Here we add another level

Black vs. White

in an attractive setting

Get over it if you do not think that is an issue here. It is built into the fibre of our Society and its not going away anytime soon. This is the kind of place where the Black – White dynamic should play itself out since it is a fact of life. Here Color becoming a defining factor in a way that makes sense. In a symbolic contest of two outstanding athletes playing on a level field. Level Field !

That is the Point Sports Fans

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams competing for an education, a job, a prestigious honor would not be normally facing a situation where the better “player” will win and where the rules are fair and equally applied to both of them. Let’s imagine for a moment Sharapova and Williams were not famous but were exactly the same individuals otherwise and let’s say rather than tennis players they were lawyers and with the same credentials and smarts and they were both “competing” to become a partner at a major law firm.

Do you have any doubts

who would “win”

the position

Thank God it is different here. And what a Contest. Sharapova ranked #1 in the world and Serena #1 “long ago” is now unranked. Sharapova on the rise and a pre-tournament favorite to win the Australian Open. As for Serena most observers expected her to be knocked out in the First Round. But the Finals against Sharapova ? It could not happen. NEVER !

But here Serena is

back from the Dead

the Tennis DEAD


Two years ago if you remember the 2005 Australian Open it was a very different story for these two same players. Serena was still on Top #1 in the World most of the time. Maria Sharapova then the young Russian teen transplanted to life in Florida who was the challenger trying to advance her career by upsetting the Reigning Champion of Women’s Tennis. She did not. Serena won.

Now two LONG years later ….

Serena is not the physical specimen she was 2 or 3 years ago. While 25 and still very young not by tennis standards and with a series of injuries emphasizing her seeming deterioration. But Serena has proven Desire + Experience + Intelligence can overcome her handicaps and they have. Even her weight.

There are even those lime green tennis dresses which match the color of the tennis ball that Serena has religiously worn throughout the Australian Open. Serena who in the past changed her court wardrobe with lightening frequency. If she has now realized what no other player or their coaches had lime green apparel gives her a camouflaging edge why not. Call Serena Smarter than the Others.

So here we are

A million miles away in Melbourne Australia. A place almost none of you will ever visit. Australia where it is the height of Summer right now. It is their “August” and blazing heat every day. The sun will be beating down on them high in the sky as the wicked winter winds blow here in our nighttime sky.

One planet two very different worlds

at the very same time

So this glorious stage is set. Forget it is Tennis if you wish. It is Combat. Magnificent Combat. There will be an Ecstatic Winner and a Disappointed Loser. But no one gets hurt and they both will win prestige and money and more. This is not Iraq nor the slums of Los Angeles.

This is where a Black Woman can prevail if she is good enough. This is where this Black Woman has already proven her Greatness in Sports. This is where we can take the exhilaration of a riveting contest and at least try to apply it to our world where nothing is as clear nor where there is one set of rules for all or impartial judges watching every move insuring equality and fairness.

This is Sports where we can all

identify with Serena Williams

become One with her in our imagination

for a few hours lose ourselves in her Quest

Down Under to become Champion again

before we turn off the TV and

return to our own lives

Win Serena Win

make us Proud

let us Dream

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