The Very Best ‘BLACKCENTRIC’ Superbowl Will Be Chicago Vs. Indianapolis

Updated: January 11, 2007




Sports is Sports

and more than Sports

especially for the Black community

NO African American has EVER coached a team in the SuperBowl.

Well how about TWO this time

Two Black head coaches and also insuring the first African American coach to win a SuperBowl. Of course only one Black Quarterback has ever won a SuperBowl so that Chicago vs. Baltimore would be another good matchup.

We could have the first African American coach in a SuperBowl and only the second Black Quarterback to ever win a SuperBowl. Doug Williams was first with the Redskins in 1988. Baltimore‘s Steve McNair could be the 2nd.

Who care about any of this

certainly not the white boys

or maybe they do for

all the wrong reasons ?

What we certainly will NOT get in this SuperBowl is an African American as one of the featured play by play announcers. There will be one even possibly two “in the background” providing some “color” (sic) commentary.

Back to the game itself

Chicago Bears did have the best record in the National Football Conference this season 13-3 and one game ‘worse’ than the San Diego Chargers 14-2 in the American Football Conference. Likewise Baltimore 13-3. As for Indianapolis under Tony Dungy they are not far behind at 12-4 for the season tied with New England with that record. So that by their won-lost records these are the 4 best teams in the NFL San Diego, Chicago, Indianapolis and New England. 3 of these 4 teams offer historical potential. For African Americans.

Statistically the chances of all three Chicago, Baltimore and Indianapolis, none of them making it to the 2007 SuperBowl is slim certainly far from impossible. Regardless of who plays The Big Game many fans interest will focus on the typical who makes the best plays, who is the MVP of the game.

That’s fine but you can also find a deeper meaning or at least reflection of our society through Sports. What does it say that an African American has never coached in a SuperBowl game. And that a Black Quarterback has only won a SuperBowl once. The Closet Racists will say when no one is watching “because African Americans aren’t good enough. That’s why.”


It’s another refection of the lack of opportunity still for Black coaches and Black Quarterbacks. In EVERY SuperBowl to date there have been two White Head Coaches because 7 is the most Black coaches ever in the NFL and that was this past season. Most seasons it is 4 or less and before that none at all. As for Quarterbacks still rare in the SuperBowl.

And agree or not African Americans are most likely to be chosen in “desperation” to coach the worst team or one of the worse after the owner can’t find any good White candidates or just doesn’t care any more. How about Art Shell at Oakland he was just fired after one season because he couldn’t turn around one of the worst teams in the League in one year.

Anyway …..

For those who understand having two African Americans Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy be the coaches in the 2007 SuperBowl in Miami on February 4th is a Big Deal. And likewise highlight the small number of African American NFL coaches there are. We are down to 5 again. After two firings last week. 3 of those 5 made it into the post season. That’s how to get job security. Maybe.

So if Sports is just Sports to you

root this Playoff Weekend for

whoever catches your Fancy

and enjoy football as football

but if you want to take more

from these post season games

this Weekend root for

Chicago over Seattle

as for the other ‘important’ game

as reflection of our society

and looking for Better

Indianapolis vs. Baltimore

it’s a harder choice


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