The Super “Jiro Putter” Spinning Heads

By Peter Aviles
Updated: January 15, 2007

(L-R) Richard Simon and Father-in-law Alex McKinnon, BASN's Peter Aviles and Chelsea Piers Golf Clubs Consultant, Herb Rhee.

(L-R) Richard Simon and Father-in-law Alex McKinnon, BASN's Peter Aviles and Chelsea Piers Golf Clubs Consultant, Herb Rhee.

NEW YORK CITYI can’t believe that it is already midway through January 2007, and like many others, it is the time of year when golfers once again start to dream of the upcoming golf season and what we can do to lower our scores. Some plan on being in the best shape ever and start a physical fitness program. Others, like me wait in anticipation of the new product releases, and try to sift through the hype in search of the one product that will make a difference.

Generally, there are some interesting and innovative products and while there may be some improvement, they do not live up to the hype. So it was with some trepidation that I agreed to try a putter that I was told would absolutely improve my putting. Like many, I would do almost anything if I could improve my putting as I’d unquestionably shave strokes off my game. But like many I heard this before. Claims of putters with greater distance control or that make the golf ball have a truer roll are just a few of the selling points I’ve heard in an attempt to separate me from my money. Would this be any different? It took some convincing and after much consideration I agreed and met with Mr. Alexander McKinnon, the innovator of the patented putter he calls the “Jiro.” After all, what did I have to lose? Well, I can unequivocally say that I am very happy that I took the plunge to try the product.

At first glance, its appearance is unlike any other putter. Without giving away too much, the face of the blade putter I tested is a juxtaposition of protrusions forming a pattern allowing for greater control during the putting stroke. This resulted in a truer stroke with great forgiveness and feel. As the ball rolled towards the cup, you could see the rotations of the ball and my ball mark roll true with virtually no wobbling as is usually the case with my former putter. Stoke after stroke had the same result. I consistently rolled it within the desired radius of the cup in an accurate line. Aligning the putt was much easier. I could not believe it. What is also intriguing is that this club can also be used when on the fringe because the design would help reduce any twisting that may occur. Now I know some may say “yeah right” I’ve also heard such things before. I can only respond by saying that fortunately for me, this came to my attention and I was impressed; and wish to make as many people as I can aware of this dynamic club. I suggest that you look for it soon and give it a shot. You will be pleasantly surprised with what the “Jiro” will do for your game and will echo my sentiments.

I’d be remiss if I did not say a few words about the creator of this putter, Mr. Alexander McKinnon. He is a spry and engaging native of North Carolina with the energy and enthusiasm that belies his age. He served in the US Army rising to the rank of Master Sergeant. After his military service, he continued his distinguished career as an officer in the US Department of State Foreign Service. Upon his retirement, he was not one for the retirement couch and he went to work for NASA as liaison for the construction of the Space Shuttle Emergency Landing Facility in West Africa.

This 83 year old lefty is a truly remarkable golfer with game who enjoys his passions of innovation and golf. May he continue to innovate more products as he has with the Jiro, the putter of the future!