Super Sunday 3 Black Coaches Win Big

Updated: January 23, 2007



Everyone will deny

any Connection of course

but there is little doubt

none here

That Mike Tomlin being hired by the Steelers as their new head coach Sunday night was influenced maybe even decided by the results of the Bears – Saints and Colts – Patriots Championship games. Certainly that scenario fits right within the logic of what transpired this past weekend with …..

Tomlin being announced as the Steelers choice by Sports Illustrated and ESPN Saturday then vehemently denied by the Steelers owners and everyone else. There was NO basis at all for the overwhelmingly and vociferous negative response to the initial story unless Tomlin had not been hired.

Let’s never forget Black head coaches in the NFL are still mostly a rarity. Over 75% of NFL teams have never had an African American head coach in their long histories. And every time a Black head coach is under consideration there is there is always widespread opposition inevitably cloaked as support for “better” candidates who always happen to be White.

So history may little note nor long remember as Abraham Lincoln might have put it that on the same day as Chicago’s Lovie Smith and Indianapolis’ Tony Dungy made history by becoming the First African American head coaches ever to make it to the SuperBowl was the very day the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time ever in the long history hired an African American as their head coach.

The fact is they did !

So what is the meaning of Lovie Smith, Tony Dungy and Mike Tomlin having their names forever connected to Sunday, January 21, 2007. As much or as little as we make of it. If as most of the White Media will do downplay the significance then January 21, 2007, will not have great significance for the future of the NFL and sports. It’s up to the Black community to define the meaning.

As we are doing here in the Box African Americans need to make the Lovie Smith – Tony Dungy matchup in SuperBowl 41 in two weeks on Sunday, February 5, 2007, THE defining story of the SuperBowl not Peyton Manning and Rex Grossman or anything else. And relate Mike Tomlin’s success as the natural progression of what Dingy and Smith have accomplished.

The two BEST coaches in the NFL this season based on the only statistic that counts getting to the SuperBowl – the two BEST coaches in the NFL right now are Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy. And it should follow as naturally as night follows day, and the flow of the tides and the orbit of the Earth around the Sun that ALL NFL teams should be eager to give EQUAL consideration to Black candidates as to White candidates for coaching positions.

Do not lose sight of the fact many NFL teams would NEVER have hired Lovie Smith or Tony Dungy because they would feel “uncomfortable” hiring a Black coach although they will never say so of course especially since there are many “outstanding” White coaches to choose from. Yes like the 25 WHITE head coaches this season who did not make it to SuperBowl 41.

And that it is VERY unlikely Mike Tomlin would have been hired by any NFL team for next season other than the Steelers whose owner Dan Rooney is forever associated with promoting African American being hired as head coaches.

So let’s hope no let’s make sure many more talented African Americans are inspired by Smith, Dungy and Tomlin to overcome the odds and the barriers to see themselves as NFL head coaches and for all of us to keep the pressure on the NFL and all 32 teams to give equal and fair consideration to Black candidates for head coaching positions. And every other coaching and executive position.

Especially African American NFL players

The majority of the talent on the gridiron each and every Sunday must finally become vocal and assertive in displaying pride and determination in seeing other African Americans well represented among the coaches and executives who run THEIR teams. And see their own futures after their playing days as coaches and executives not simply retired Gladiators to be shown the door once their usefulness on the field of play is over.

As the NFL elite descend on Miami

in a week to Celebrate their success

and congratulate each other

Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy at the center of this week long “party” and Mike Tomlin being as very notable attendee all 3 should keep the attention focused on the significance of African Americans in the coaching ranks and not be at all hesitant to display their pride as AFRICAN Americans in their success.

Make it impossible

for the White Media

to avoid the #1 Story

of SuperBowl 41

African American

Coaching Success


to 3 of the Best

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