Serena Dresses “For Success…..Or Does She??

Updated: January 16, 2007



Serena scoffed at the idea

that she chose her


tennis dress for her Match

at the Australia Open

because it matched the


tennis ball

camouflaging it

from her opponent

What a ridiculous idea ! Isn’t it Serena ? Certainly Serena thinks it is. Asked repeatedly by reporters, here is her somewhat sarcastic reply “Yeah, I thought about that the whole time I was designing the dress. I can’t beat these girls so I’ve got to think of every way to cheat.”

Well Serena ….

Whether it is cheating or not is another question.

As to whether or not Williams consciously wore a dress that matched the color of the ball remains a real possibility. And did it affect the outcome ? It could have by making the tennis ball harder to see for her opponent Mara Santangelo who she beat in the first round of the Australian Open on Monday.

Since it is not technically illegal Serena could just as well be complimented for being smart enough to use every technique she could to overcome a talented opponent today rated far higher than Serena in the world of women’s tennis. But “of course” as Serena says she did no such thing. Of course not Serena.

On the larger issue …

Of the state of Serena Williams’ tennis career that is a subject of endless fascination here in the Black Box. Both Williams sisters combined are among the top 5 for the most Boxes devoted to them these last 5+ years. Deservedly so since they exemplify the many realities of sports so very well.

Both Venus and Serena Williams – although today we’ll focused on Serena – over these last 5 years have been, first emerging superstars, then they dominated tennis, then lost interest while beginning to physically declining until today both are struggling to regain their former glory – which they can’t – and have become manic about keeping alive the careers they has disdain for only 2 years ago.

This is definitely the human condition

viewed through the eyes of Sports

There are lots of fascinating interconnecting realities in Serena’s ( and Venus’ ) world today. Serena has in fact developed a career outside of Tennis as she has wanted but probably not to the extent she might have desired.

Even more to the point it appears crystal clear to us she now appreciates that rather than hindering her other interests that continuing to play professional tennis is a key to her off-court pursuits. As Tennis is the stage the FREE media attraction that keeps her in the news and visible all around the world and a celebrity so that she can apply that success to her other interests.

On an even deeper level …..

From here her other interests aside as she ( and Venus ) get “older” or more mature if you prefer it seems they are developing a new appreciation for their profession. While earlier on during their Hay Days and so very young it doesn’t seem like they spent a lot or any time in thoughtful reflection about their lives.

Now that in effect they are reaching toward “old age” in tennis years if not chronologically the Twilight as the spotlights inevitable declines for them, holding on to the many different elements of the Tour which they may have dismissed even disliked in the past now become precious to Serena and Venus.

Not that they do not still dream and speak of Glory. In Australia Serena is constantly talking about returning to her Championship Form and winning Grand Slam after Grand Slam. Not necessarily in 2007 Serena says but that she is really looking toward NEXT year – or is it the year after – when all her ailments are behind her and she is “really” back in top form. Aha.

If that does not sound like the traditional refrain of the athlete or actor or you name it in decline after being on top nothing does. Without being indiscreet someone should tell Serena she would be a little more believable if not much if she mentioned shedding some of those EXTRA pounds and getting back to where her weight was back in the Old Days. When she was the Terror of Tennis.

Serena isn’t “fat” but she isn’t slim either these days.

La Dolce Vita is not the best formula for knocking off those younger trimmer powerful resourceful female assassins on the Tour. On another subject and to her credit Venus has developed an interest in “public service” as we recommended to her in previous Boxes. Again and again.

Here is her itinerary prior to arriving in Australia as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald ” Williams arrived in Melbourne after a post-season trip to Senegal and Ghana to help promote immunization programs, tour schools, hold tennis clinics and make plans for a plot of land given to her by Senegal’s president, Abdoulaye Wade.” Good for her and her image.

So don’t really expect Serena

to win the Australian Open

or any other Major ever again

( although she might ? )

do look for her to continue

to mature more and more

as she ( and Venus )

fight to keep their tennis

careers alive for as long

as they possibly can

as they now appreciate

what they formally

did not staying in

The Lime Light

as long as

they can

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