Rumor Mill JaMarcus Russell Moves To Head On NFL Draft

Updated: January 28, 2007



We’re still a week away

from SuperBowl 41 but

for 30 teams thoughts

are already turned to

April’s NFL Draft

No where more than in Oakland at Raiders headquarters. Where the advantage of ending this last season Dead Last is very much appreciated. The Raiders and their new head coach Lane Kiffin after Art Shell paid the price for their 2-14 record, Raiders thoughts are turned to their #1 Draft Choice and who might lead them out of the Wildness and into the Promised Land.

It appears they have decided

upon a Black Moses

JaMarcus Russell

And why not after his Most Valuable Player performance in the Sugar Bowl crushing Brady Quinn and the Fightless Irish. Thank God if its true the Raiders are not be so stupid as to choose Brady Quinn. But if you believe the soothsayers at Sports Illustrated ( as good as any ) the Detroit Lions who were the second worst team in the NFL will run to grab Brady Quinn.

Is there any real comparison

between Russell and Quinn

only in the minds of

Irish loving fools

there are plenty

Since we have chosen to look to SI for guidance in placing JaMarcus Russell #1 and sad to say Brady Quinn #2 we might as well give attention to their entire Top 10 Draft Choices based on the kind of exhaustive analysis along with good guess work you will find at Sports Illustrated.


Joe Thomas Offensive Tackle Wisconsin

Cleveland Browns


Calvin Johnson Wide Receiver Georgia Tech

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Gaines Adams Defensive End Clemson

Arizona Cardinals


Jamaal Anderson Defensive End Arkansas

Washington Redskins


Ted Ginn, Jr. Wide Receiver Ohio State

Minnesota Vikings


Adrian Peterson Running Back Oklahoma

Houston Texans


Alan Branch Defensive Tackle Michigan

Miami Dolphins


Dwayne Jarrett Wide Receiver USC

Atlanta Falcons

We could list all 32 of the First Round NFL Draft Pics as guesstimated by the team at Sports Illustrated but we won’t bother. Rather just offer some interesting observations. Neither Heisman Trophy winner Ohio State Quarterback Troy Smith nor National Champion Florida Quarterback Chris Leak are expected to be First Round Draft Choices in the view of SI. If true that will prove especially painful for Troy Smith even more if Brady Quinn who Smith demolished in the Heisman voting is chosen FAR ahead of Smith as expected. Ouch !

If there is any solace to be found in Sports Illustrated’s list is that after Russell and Quinn are chosen #1 and #2 in the Draft No other Quarterbacks at all not only Smith and Leak who don’t get picked in the First Round which sounds rather strange and maybe unlikely since so many NFL teams could use a new Quarterback if they are to have any hope. In 2007.

The other interesting observation here is how many of the 32 SI choices are relatively obscure. If you were not a dedicated fan of any of their college teams other than Russell, Peterson and Quinn you may not recognize any of these prize players who will be the toast of the NFL Draft and may get drafted far ahead of many names who were in the news in college football all Fall 2006.

It just goes to show NFL football like all other businesses is composed of many different levels of need and decision making. That when NFL team coaches, scouts and coordinators are looking at college football they are often seeing something very different than most fans and feasting their eyes on players who rarely if ever are acknowledged by the announcers in the broadcast booth or reporters.

While you can find all kinds of ‘mock’ NFL Draft lists on line there is a consistency of choices to much but certainly not all of the Top 10 on these lists. On virtually ALL of them the ONLY Quarterbacks on their entire 32 First Round guesses are JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn. Troy Smith and Chris Leak the National Championship Quarterbacks nowhere to be seen. Anywhere.

Most important of all almost all of these these 2007 NFL Draft Lists have JaMarcus Russell as #1 in the 2007 NFL Draft. Making an African American Quarterback as the most impressive player in the entire and lengthy Draft.

2007 NFL Draft

April 28 – April 29

New York City

Get ready !

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