New York Times Columnist Selena Roberts Get s to the Bottom of Racism in the NCAA

Updated: January 29, 2007



Well well well

The New York Times specifically senior sports journalist Selena Roberts has put into words on the front page of the NYT sports section Sunday what we have been writing again and again and again these last 5 years at BASN in general and in the Black Box specifically and pointedly.

In Selena’s hard hitting commentary titled

” College Booster Bias Is Delaying Minority Hiring ”

Well it isn’t DELAYING it Selena it is PREVENTING “minority” hiring and it is NEVER going away unless something is done about it. But we don’t want to slam you Selena. It’s a good article and you are taking on the Good Old Boys who by the way include the owner of your newspaper Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and executive editor Bill Keller who are card carrying members of the Club.

They will deny it of course

just like all the White Boys

you reference in your article

None of the Rich White Alumni at university after university who call the shots when it comes to sports specifically who gets hired as coaches for their major teams like football and basketball – none f them will admit to having even one bigoted bone in their entire BS filled bodies ….

Allow us to quote from your article …

“The boosters of inequity, the true power brokers of college football, take comfort in their “white-like-me” hires as a perk of owning the program with their six-figure donations.”

“They are used-car barons and Fortune 500 execs whose contribution to higher education is not enlightenment but enwhitenment.”

“Nearly 20 football head-coaching vacancies opened on the Division I-A level this past season, but only two were filled by minorities: Randy Shannon, an African American, at Miami, and Mario Cristobal, a Cuban-American, at Florida International. The total of minority head football coaches jumped to a pitiful seven out of 119. The high is eight in 1998.”

Right on Selena

Unfortunately you go much too Light on the Biggest Hypocrite of them all. The ever so genteel the consummate Racist of the NCAA the White Face of the NCAA its Lord & Master the Good Doctor Myles Brand. The NCCA’s version of Bud Selig both expert at speaking out of both sides of their mouth.

Here is what Selena Roberts says about NCAA Pres. Myles Brand …..

“For years, Richard E. Lapchick has urged the NCAA’s president, Myles Brand, to adopt a version of the Rooney Rule.”

“He has backed away from it big time,” said Lapchick, the director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida. “He didn’t believe the membership would pass it. My position is, test it.”

“The hazard to Brand is embarrassment. Failure to pass a diversity rule would reveal the sordid power structure of college football, where decisions by presidents and athletics directors are held hostage by booster bias.”

Selena the “hazard” to Brand is that he will be exposed as a Complete Fraud. He spoke so eloquently at the recent NCAA national breast beating convention “deploring” the fact that more African Americans are not hired as coaches by the NCAA colleges then proposing absolutely nothing to remedy the situation.

His excuse that he will not do anything because it “will be voted down” is the Biggest Scam of all. He knows ALL those college presidents could not afford to vote AGAINST such a public call for fairness in hiring. That they would reap a Whirlwind of Criticism in the media, in Congress and on their campuses.

Back to you Selena ….

Congratulations for going straight for the Racism they wear on their Green Sleeves at the Great Catholic University of Notre Dame. As you write so pointedly …. “Willingham was forced out of Notre Dame in 2004, not by the president or the athletics director, but by boosters and trustees who, deep down, craved one of their own. They swore his dismissal wasn’t because he was a Southern Baptist who looked different from their base.”

“Willingham didn’t win the big games, they declared. And yet Charlie Weis, sainted by the Touchdown Jesus faithful, has been creamed from Southern California to Michigan. As Jon Wilner of The San Jose Mercury News recently noted in a comparison of the coaches: “Weis is 0-4 in big games in the past 54 weeks. Shouldn’t he be held to the same standard? ”

Right again Selena

Racism continues to pervade American Society.

Highlighted most of all in Sports and no where more than in the NCAA. These the very institutions who are graduating the Elites the sons and daughters of the rich and the powerful who will inherit the Kingdom as their parents have before them and return to to their colleges as Alumni to continue “their fathers’ work ” of keeping Institutional Racism alive in college sports as they do in the investment firms and law firms and real estate empires and all across the Fortune 500 and beyond.

Thank God for Selena Roberts

at least everyone working in the

Major White Sports Media

isn’t Brain Dead to the

Institutional Racism in

American Sports

Bless you !


By the way …..

Selena can you name “all” the African Americans who have ever risen to the position of Editor in The New York Times sports department ?? Or how many African Americans are senior executives at The New York Times Company ??

Maybe its time for another insightful article ??

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….