Michael Seeing “Redd” Over Rash Of NBA Injuries

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: January 27, 2007

MILWAUKEE — Injuries are very much a huge part of the NBA game. Wear and tear on the body, excessive travel, not getting the proper rest and not eating the correct foods and players not being in the best if the required playing shape are big factors when it comes to players getting hurt with nagging injuries of some kind.

Of course we’re not asking basketball players to all be, Cal Ripken Jr.’s.

But, this season the NBA has seen injuries especially to “star” quality and or franchise players hit it like a ton of bricks. Shaq has been out for almost half the season.

Dwayne Wade has missed time. Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets will missed a huge chunk of the season, he won’t be available to play in this years All-Star game in Las Vegas and he was voted in as a starter.

Lamar Odom of the Las Angeles Lakers has missed a considerable about of time on the side line in civies. Richard Jefferson and Nenad Kristic of the New Jersey Nets are out for a while. Jefferson is out for about two months while Kristic will be lost for the entire season.

“That’s kinda hard to believe when you think about all of the guys that have been hurt or injured this year”, said Milwaukee Bucks All-Star Michael Redd.

Redd, who has been out for going on five weeks now with a knee injury, said that he cannot afford to rush back on. There have been even more injuries throughout the League for players on several other teams but, none really in a sense seems to hurt their team as much as the Bucks being without Redd.

For one, most of the other teams have some make up of another or secondary star on their rosters. For example, the Heat have Wade with Shaq not being there and the Lakers of course have Kobe Bryant.

The Bucks do have up and coming power forward Charlie Villanueva who is a stud of a scorer in his own right. But, Villanueva was nearly lost for the season with a nagging right shoulder injury.

He’s been out of action for quite a while thus far and there is possibility that he may indeed be lost for the season. If that is to happen then the Bucks will really be in a predicament which would all but assure them to be candidates for the Greg Oden sweepstakes.

What makes Redd’s injury so alarming is that he’s not what you would call an athletic freak of nature ala a Bryant, Wade, Iverson etc. Redd is more of the methodical type that can kill you with a first step of creating room for himself to shoot his effortless and deadly jumper from anywhere past the half-court line.

Ironically, Redd received his donation to the injury list by going to the basket; something that he’s been doing more frequently.

“The main thing I have to do is maintain and not get frustrated and try to rush back”, Redd added. “Knee injuries unlike anything else are very tricky”.

Redd spoke even though he knows full well that his team needs him in a most desperate way. Not to mention the fact that he was having probably his finest season as a pro as he not only shot the rock from deep, he mastered going to his right so well that he became impossible to guard.

He racked up a cool 56 points on Bryant’s Lakers a few weeks before Washington’s Gilbert Arenas lit them up for his homecoming 60-point reunion.

The All-Star game will miss Redd’s sweet stroke as he makes most every shot look so easy. But, make no mistake about it opposing two guards will have heck to pay once he does eventually return.

GAME NOTES: One of the best assists that Redd has given in his life is the multi million donation he put up for his father’s church in the inner city of Columbus, Ohio. “It was something that I felt good about doing not because it was for my father’s church but, I was doing something to contribute to the community”, Redd added.