Last Straw Barry Bonds

Updated: January 14, 2007



More circumstantial evidence

that Barry Bonds is a dug abuser

he ONLY tested positive for


Big Deal

Time for Barry Bonds apologists to hit the road again. Complaining that Barry is bering smeared for nothing. Even though he does not deny the results of the amphetamine test from the 2006 season.

Remember Bonds proved positive for amphetamines which is the world of Major League Baseball is OK if you don’t get caught twice. So Barry has noting to worry about. Ot does he. The San Francisco Giants have still not completed are still agonizing over the one year deal Bonds is counting on so he can become the new Home Run King (SIC) passing Hank Aaron’s 755 Home Runs.

Somebody should tell Barry

No matter how many more home runs he hits he will NEVER pass Hank Aaron. All Barry Bonds is going to do is humiliate himself when and if he hits his 756th home in in 2007 and virtually nobody cares. Because it is a phony record. That will never be truly recognized. Nothing will change that fact Barry.

The San Francisco Giants …..

…….. should have enough good sense to use Bonds amphetamine test result as their logic for not completing the new one year deal with Bonds. It says volumes that not a single one of the 29 other Major League Baseball teams not one no matter how pathetic none of them wants anything to do with Barry Bonds.

This is going to be a very short Box.

Because there really isn’t anything more worth writing about Barry Bonds. Bonds is a long term steroid abuser. Barry Bonds is a liar. Barry Bonds is insufferable. Barry Bonds is an amphetamine user. Barry Bonds has no legitimate right ever to call himself the Home Run King of Baseball or Hank Aaron’s better.

If Barry Bonds had any integrity at all

Barry Bonds would retire right now

did we say INTEGRITY

now we have to apologize

sorry Barry for using

the word integrity


in an article

about you.

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