Jamarcus Russell vs. Brady Quinn Bring On The Sugar Bowl Wednesday Evening

Updated: January 3, 2007



It will be hard to top

Boise State and Oklahoma

in the Fiesta Bowl Monday

no make that impossible

but it will still be another

Black QB vs, White QB

football extravaganza at

the sweetest of the Bowls

The Sugar Bowl

Of course unless you have the good sense to turn OFF the audio before the game starts all you are going to hear about from the White Announcers is BRADY QUINN BRADY QUINN BRADY QUINN.

They’ll barely take a moment to even say Fighting Irish or Charlie Weis. As for the other team on the field LSU it will be lucky if they even bother to mention them once or twice. You’ll think they are only there because Notre Dame and BRADY QUINN has to play another anonymous team.

It is the sad reality we live with

most of all when it involves

Notre Dame the epitome of

White Football


LSU concluded the 2006 season the #4 team in the nation. Notre Dame not even in the top 10 but rather #11. Ahead of Boise State. Boise State which was 12-0 to Notre Dame’s 10-2. Because they’re Notre Dame. No other explanation required nor even worth offering.

As for the 2 Quarterbacks who will be featured in this sweet Sugar Bowl being played in New Orleans. In the official and defining compilation of individual aspects of Quarterback performance guess what while Brady Quinn is ranked #14 in the nation JAMARCUS RUSSELL IS RANKED #3 even ahead of Troy Smith #4. Guaranteed GUARANTEED listening to the announcers Wednesday evening there is no way in the world you will ever think that JaMarcus Russell was a far better Quarterback than Brady Quinn in 2006.

Junior JaMarcus Russell led LSU to an 10-2 record against a tough schedule and #4 in the nation. Brady Quinn “led” Notre Dame to a 10-2 playing the likes of Army, Navy and Air Force and ended up #11 in the polls.

JaMarcus Russell’s Quarterback Rating for 2006 is 168.10 ( 3th in the nation ) while Brady Quinn’s is 151.86 ( 14th in the nation ). But if your source of information is the Announcers at the Sugar Bowl you’d think that impossible.

Brady Quinn will be hailed and complimented again and again and again. We will hear the Announcers say at least 100 times that Brady Quinn will most likely be the #1 selection in the 2007 NFL Draft and go on to be one of the greatest Quarterback in the history of the Known Universe …

While JaMarcus Russell’s name will hardly be mentioned. As for the 2007 NFL Draft they will only mention Quarterback JaMarcus Russell as maybe if he is lucky a last round choice by some very desperate NFL team OR more likely they’ll talk about Russell being Drafted to play some other position such as wide receiver or “better” be hired as a locker room attendant by an NFL club.

An exaggeration not by much

The inbred subconscious Racism that will be reflected in how differently the BLACK LSU Quarterback and the WHITE Notre Dame Quarterback are discussed before and during and after the Sugar Bowl is an ever present example of the problems African American Quarterbacks face in both college and pro football no matter how good they are. Even in 2007.

( The problem for the Announcers in the BCS Championship Game next Monday night is that BOTH Quarterbacks are African Americans )

ONLY if JaMarcus Russell and LSU destroy romp over Notre Dame and ONLY if Brady Quinn has an absolutely horrendous game will you hear the Announcers grudgingly very GRUDGINGLY praise Russell and not Quinn but they will still harp on the “fact” (sic) that it was only because Brady Quinn had bad luck or a fever or an infected toe some reason any reason why Brady Quinn did not but certainly should have overwhelmed JaMarcus Russell.

Even though JaMarcus Russell’s all important pass completion percentage was 68.5% to Brady Quinn’s 63.4% in 2006 and even though JaMarcus Russell averaged 9.1 yds. per pass to Brady Quinn’s 7.6 yds. per pass. It doesn’t matter Brady Quinn is the Great White Hope while African Americans shouldn’t be QBing at all in AMERICAN football. Blacks are for “other” positions.

So watch the Sugar Bowl

and hope Brady Quinn

gets knocked on his Ass

again and again and again

nothing personal but

because that is the ONLY

way JaMarcus Russell will

get any attention at all


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