Encore: Jackie Robinson Loses Out In Brooklyn

Updated: January 19, 2007



We knew it was coming

that doesn’t make it

any Better at all

The one and only chance Brooklyn will ever have to honor Jackie Robinson as he should be has been lost to Greed. Worse nobody is going to complain about it except us right here in the Black Box. We don’t suffer from Silence.

The spectacular new Sports Arena

that will be built in Brooklyn

has now been named

Barclays Center

Meaning Barclays BANK is paying the developer Bruce Ratner about $400 Million to put their name on the facility for the next 30 years. Shame on Ratner. Shame on Brooklyn. Shame on our society and its endless Greed. Ratner and his partners are all multimillionaires maybe billionaires. But based on the rule of rules in our society “you can NEVER have too much money” there wasn’t even any discussion of naming the arena in honor of Jackie Robinson. NONE.

And nobody cares

Well care or nor we are all effected by the “principle” behind this decision. Because it pervades every aspect of our country. And unless you are lucky that’s LUCKY enough to be one of the Super Rich you suffer from $$$$ which you don’t have always winning out over everything else.

If there ever was a place if there ever was a sports facility that deserved to be exempt from the now pervasive SELLING of naming rights to any and every sports facility in America – if there was ONE facility that should have been exempt it is the finest sports arena Brooklyn has ever built.

Jackie Robinson is the most important figure in sports History and Brooklyn’s greatest son. If the guys with the money and their SERVANTS in government were all not so GREEDY even more if they had a Clue about the character of society and how these decisions define who we are they would have hesitated.

But they never did

$400 million dollars for “nothing” except giving a bank’s name to the arena and for Barclays Bank a mere $400 Million is “nothing” to even worry about to attach their name to this all important 21st century facility in the 4th largest city in all of the United States, Brooklyn, New York.

And here is the Irony

if you can’t see it

The Color Barrier preventing African Americans from playing in WHITE sports leagues all across America before Jackie Robinson broke through it with the BROOKLYN Dodgers was also ultimately about $$$$$. All the WHITE owners decided it was BAD for business to allow “Negroes” to play on THEIR teams until of course it was financially good for them to change.

Racism always was and is about the Money.

Whites throughout history may well have convinced themselves they hated Black people because of the COLOR of their skin but the reason they did was because it was (and is) PROFITABLE to do so.

Dedicated Slave Owner and the head of Southern Plantation Society Thomas Jefferson and all the other Racists were willing to go to any length to keep Black Slavery alive because the atrocious exploitation of Africans brought them the Good Life by destroying the lives of millions of others.

It was a “financial” decision

to promote Human Slavery

Degrading Africans was ( and is ) the psychological deceit that allows the Exploiters to deny to themselves what they were doing. And WHY they never would enclave other WHITES. Because you can enslave inferiors but not your equals. At least not to the same extent.

Well in today’s world ……

Exploitation has taken on a different face.

Today making as much money as you can is considered a mark of Superiority. So that no one has to question getting as rich as conceivable and in doing so it is inherently necessary IF you get more there are others who must get less both to actually grab that much more money but also to place an ever wider gap between the RICH and the POOR so the RICH can believe they are Better than the wretches who aren’t. Fabulous Circular Logic.

So what does this Tirade

have to do with Brooklyn

Jackie Robinson and

the new arena


The endless accumulation of personal WEALTH has so overwhelmed every other aspect of our society that we as a society have become NUMB to its pervasive impact. So that the response to Bruce Ratner and his partners making an easy $400 Million for selling Brooklyn’ s birthright to a BANK rather than naming the arena as it should be to America’s most important athlete …..

…….. will ONLY be greeted with praise by elected officials and the media in the coming days. As has already happened a JOYOUS press conference was held by Mayor Bloomberg and a bevy of smiling officials at the Brooklyn Museum on Thursday in celebration of this WONDERFUL name sale. Wonderful for who Mr. Mayor and at what cost to the values of a well rounded society.

Be assured be assured Barclays Bank is going to make some gratuitous gesture to refurbish some park or contribute a few dollars to school athletics or something for which they will be praised again for being so GENEROUS.

While what is really going on

is that our society is


deeper & deeper into

our Culture of Greed

and our devaluing


“great” WEALTH

and making more


the more the Better

so Weep for

Jackie Robinson

Weep for Brooklyn

Weep for us All

and our Culture

of Greed

alive in Sports as

everywhere else

across America and

in Brooklyn too

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