Dennis Green Gets The Boot From Arizona

Updated: January 2, 2007



Hey he lasted 3 seasons

we should all be grateful

( shouldn’t we )

remind us about

the bad old days

when there were

NO African American

coaches in the NFL

The fact is Dennis Green did not produce a winner in Arizona even a contender. His 3 year record is rather dismal. The game is the same in the NFL as everywhere else. Last hired first fired. If Green didn’t like the “rule” he did not have to take the job. But better to be a 3 year coach than never to have been.

The fact is had Green produced a miracle with the Cardinals. Inheriting a losing team with no prospects and made them in to a post-season contender better still a SuperBowl team Dennis Green would not have been fired. Indeed he would have been REWARDED with a fat new contract.

So take that all you African Americans always ready to criticize to pounce on the hiring practices of sports teams and leagues. Just like that “biased” story about college coaches in the NCAA in yesterday’s Box. That kind of propaganda should be illegal Complain complain complain. Wake up Black America.

There is NO law thank God that sports teams have to hire African Americans to coach or manage. Think its bad in pro or college football. Why not direct your venom at Major League Baseball there will only be TWO African Americans managing during the 2007 season.

Maybe if there was only ONE Black NFL head coach or just ONE Black college football coach you’d have something to complain about Black America but guess what there are still FIVE NFL coaches and SIXTEEN that’s right SIXTEEN Black college head coaches.

Dennis Green should count his Blessings. The Arizona Cardinals still have to pay him for the 4th year of his contract if he does not get offered another head coaching position ( fat chance ). That’s right Green is going to be paid a lot of money for doing absolutely nothing. Everyone should be that Lucky.

And if we’re going to touch all the bases here. Sorry goal lines. How about African American head coach Art Shell. His Oakland Raiders are officially the WORST team in the NFL. After having the good fortune to be offered a head coaching job by Al Davis before this season how does he show his gratitude Art Shell coaches the Raiders to the WORST record in the NFL.

And get this he is almost definitely going to keep his job for one more season. Yes he’ll probably be gone a year from now thank God because it is not any more likely he like Green will take a horrible team and produce a Miracle.

The NFL got along very well thank you before this same Art Shell became the first African American to coach an NFL team in the modern era, back in 1989. Now social critics demand that the NFL be “politically correct.” What’s next picket lines around NFL stadiums because there has never been a BLACK NFL owner. PLEASE. NFL teams are bought by RICH very RICH guys.

Exactly how many very RICH African Americans are there. Really just three Robert Johnson. Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods. Johnson has already been taken care of. He was allowed to buy an NBA team. Oprah hates sports and Tiger does not want to get labeled as the first BLACK NFL owner.

Maybe the NFL should give away a franchise to some poor African American who needs an opportunity. PLEASE. Get real. People EXCUSE us African Americans just need to be patient. Change takes time. Things are very very good for White America right now. Inside and outside of Sports.

But things will change. Just be PATIENT. There is NO slavery anymore. Is there ?? There hasn’t been for 150 years. We solved that problem didn’t we. There is NO doubt at all 150 years from now say in 2150 ……

……. there will be at least the very least ONE African American owning one of or part of one of the 200 or so NFL franchises around the world that will probably exist then. And as for Head Coaches. With 200 NFL teams in 2150 it is possibly there could be 10 even as many as a dozen Black head coaches ………

And one more thing

LIVE From New York …


just kidding …..

actually we’re just practicing

for April FOOLS Day

it will be here soon enough

maybe we should “celebrate” it

every day of the year !


A correction to Monday’s Box …..

“Great column, but in Division III, you forgot Terrance Brooks at Kalamazoo. The brothers is slowly turning that program around and has surrounded himself with a few other talented African-Americans who could be head coaching candidates soon. Keep up the good work.”

Clyde Hughes Urban Affairs Reporter The Blade

Thanks Clyde !

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