Defying Gravity Serena ‘Surges’

Updated: January 24, 2007




This is the kind of SURGE

that makes sense

not W’s kind

Serena Williams defying all expectations let’s repeat that DEFYING ALL EXPECTATIONS has fought make that is clawed her way to the Austrian Open semifinals. Yes she is in sight of the Finals ! That is remarkable.

Good enough reason for Serena to earn the very rare distinction of two Boxes in the span of a week. The very fact she won her opening round was Big News because she is now regularly playing other pros decidedly better certainly younger that Serena.

ALL of them apparently in better physical shape. Beating Serena.

Which brings us to another

great message to be found

in Sports

Being HUNGRY can allow athletes to reach heights beyond expectation. It is a very curious phenomenon when applied to Serena Williams who was so BORED by tennis and the tour just 2 years ago that it seemed she had to be coaxed and cajoled to show up let alone play well.

When Serena was on Top

But as she quickly very quickly fell from grace and the top rankings in women’s tennis and could not but a victory on the tour let alone stay healthy enough to compete now the “transformation” of Serena Williams has taken place.

Serena who was ready to retire 2 years ago and was only too glad to dream of leaving the Tour behind and never having to appear in events like the Australian Open again now we will hazard wants to WIN this Australian Open more than she has ever relished the possibility of winning any tournament before.

Why is that …..

Because winning when you are expected to lose is so SWEET is so good way better than sex or double dish apple pie.

Because this victory would permanently establish Serena’s credentials as one of the Greats able to come back after going into decline.

Because this Victory would for at least a few years more insure that Serena must always be considered a Contender who might come back again just as she did at this 2007 Australia Open.

Because Serena will be able to convince herself “maybe” in truth her best tennis is still ahead of her as a more mature champion despite the advancing age and the injuries.

Because winning this Australian Open will bring Serena lots of new financial rewards.

Because Serena’s non tennis pursuits will all get a boost from her winning.

Because Serena will be the center of attention and the media darling again just like in the ‘old’ days.

Because the roar of the crowd and the feeling of exhilaration at the moment of winning a major sports event has no parallels for an athlete.

Because if Maria Sharapova # 1 in the world is her opponent in the Finals the level of interest on Saturday in Australia in their match will be off the charts.

But first for Serena

on Thursday in Melbourne

( Wednesday night here )

her semi-final match against

Czech teenage sensation

Nicole Vaidisova if Serena

overcomes that challenge and

Maria Sharapova does her part

WATCH out we mean WATCH

Saturday 1:30PM in Australia

which means here in the USA

Friday night 7:30PM in New York

Friday afternoon 4:30PM in LA

for the most remarkable

sets of Tennis ever

Surge Serena Surge

even though it

seems impossible

reclaim your Crown

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