Confusion Reigns Today In Pittsburgh Or Is It Plain Old Racism

Updated: January 22, 2007


Steelers GO STEELERS ??

We were about to Praise

Dan Rooney and his Steelers

to the Heavens with

Monday’s Box

Sports Illustrated on its Website Saturday evening and ESPN announced the Steelers had chosen the Minnesota Vikings highly praised young Defensive Coordinator African American Mike Tomlin as the team’s new head coach.

It “was” a very logical choice since Steelers’ owner Dan Rooney is known for more than anything his ceaseless “zeal” in promoting African Americans as candidates for NFL head coaching positions. Now HE had the Chance !

In fact as everyone knows and will for all of football history there is the Rooney Rule which specifically now requires that any NFL team with a head coach vacancy must interview at least one “minority” candidate or get a slap on their wrist if they do not. Of course the real logic is meant to prove that Black candidates will be interviewed and HIRED. Not just interviewed.

The 2 edged sword here for Dan Rooney

as we noted last week comes into play

when the Steelers hire a new Coach

as they are now

If Dan Rooney using an “excuse” for not hiring a Black head coach no matter his reason the Rooney Rule becomes a sham a farce BECAUSE IF THE owner most insistent on NFL teams hiring more African Americans as coaches doesn’t himself 1) because he doesn’t want to, 2) he finds the “best” candidate is white, or 3) he is not satisfied with the African Americans available, then …….

Every other owner from now on can rightly LAUGH at Dan Rooney and his Rooney RULE. As most do now. If it has NO impact on Dan Rooney himself WHY should any other NFL owner pay any attention to it. Or to Dan Rooney.

Which brings us to Saturday ….

It seemed obvious that if Dan Rooney found a high quality African American to hire he would 1) to preserve his credibility, 2) give teeth to the Rooney rule, and 3) because Rooney knows there is no perfect head coach that a head coach is simply part of a large organization and most important of all its the quality of the players that win or lose football games most of all. And Good Luck.

Witness Bill Cowler the now departed long time Steelers coach whose team won the SuperBowl just one year ago and this season the Pittsburgh Steelers were a disaster and were one of the rare teams in NFL history to go from SuperBowl Champions to not even making the Play-offs the following season.

All very true except that

Racism is left out of this equation

but it is not in Real Life

So Saturday evening’s story was QUICKLY followed on Sunday by numerous sources including the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and then Rooney himself the Steelers Website and a variety of sources all DENYING Tomlin has been offered the job. Some sources swearing it is current Steelers assist coach Russ Grimm who will be the new head coach. Others that the Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera will be the One. The real point of the onslaught was to bury the idea that African American Mike Tomlin might be the One.

Here is what the Box thinks happened …..

Dan Rooney did indeed make a personal decision to hire Mike Tomlin for all the right reasons and leaked the story to Sports Illustrated. But the condemnation from his own organization, even his own family as well as Pittsburgh media was so swift and so negative …….

………. Rooney did the very cowardly thing and quickly reversed himself under the cover that he had never made an official announcement abut hiring Mike Tomlin. And there was nothing to prove he had.

Let’s hope and pray

we are Wrong but

it sure looks like

Mike Tomlin is a Goner

before he ever gets

to Pittsburgh because

the Racism Rule

is the real rule

at play here

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