Can Michael Vick Hold His Water Or Is It A Secret

Updated: January 20, 2007



In the old days

you could have hidden

your Marijuana in the heel

of your shoe no more

Getting Weed on to an airplane has become a Real Big Problem in the age of Homeland Security. Now we don’t know if Michael Vick was trying to board a plane in Miami headed to Atlanta with Weed but that is the accusation.

Simply for sake of argument let’s say he was. Airport Security said they found some suspicious looking seeds in a hidden compartment of a bottle of water. The question is can you really buy bottled water with a secret compartment ?

The answer is yes but not at the local grocery store. You have to special order. In the age of the Internet simply go on line to Websites like Metro Spy Supply and for $19.99 plus tax plus shipping you too can be hydrating while protecting your most secret possessions. Whatever it is.

One of Metro Spy Supply’s competitors is exuberant about the officially named “Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe.” They call it THE VERY BEST DIVERSION SAFE ON THE MARKET TODAY !! Wow !

Quite an endorsement !

Here is their complete description

“The new Aquafina diversion safe contains real water to help it blend in even more. Shake it and hear it splash inside the bottle. Turn it upside down and watch the air bubble float to the bottom. It also uses the same bottling and packaging as Aquafina water. The top slides in and out of the bottom and clicks into place to lock or unlock it.”

Maybe that’s why they charge more than Metro Spy Supply. Almost $5 more at $24.95 plus tax plus shipping. And they go on to note. There is REAL water in each bottle when it arrives – we assume as opposed to some other substance – and they proudly state each bottle is “handmade for a precision fit.”

The fact is there is no mention of storing Marijuana in any of the ads for the Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe anywhere on the Internet. In fact these precision crafted bottles have very legitimate uses.

It is quite possible they have saved the lives of countless American CIA agents able to carry Top Secret Documents anywhere in the world without being caught while also accomplishing the practical purpose of avoiding the local often unsafe water and suffering from diarrhea which can likewise be a serious problem if you are Under Cover in dangerous places all over the globe.

So as you see here

After the Box put its own investigative reporting team on this so called story we unlike the other major media are uncovering serious information and not jumping to conclusions as are so many others in the media playing judge and jury and basically calling Michael Vick GUILTY of transporting Marijuana seeds in the secret compartment of his water bottle.

The fact is we do not know why Michael Vick was carrying a water bottle with a SECRET compartment. Following 9/11 anything is possible. Since it is clear from our investigations these special bottles are most often utilized by our government agents on clandestine missions ……….

Is it out of the question that Michael Vick might be eve more than a Star Quarterback that he has ben recruited by President George Bush to serve his country in the War on Terror. Is it out of the Question ? NO. As we know from all the denials about everything from The White House there is so so much the President is not at liberty to tell us. In the name of national security.

Think about it

Would you would anyone suspect Michael Vick of being undercover for the government. HELLO. That is the Point ! NO one especially the Iranians or the North Koreans or even Nancy Pelosi ( who Bush thinks may be a national security threat ) would ever suspect Michael Vick.

Is anyone asking WHY Michael Vick would be traveling from Miami to Atlanta. In the OFF season. And on an obscure airline. And carrying a few Marijuana SEEDS. Not Marijuana but a couple of SEEDS.

That’s why we’re convinced

Michael Vick is being

set up because he’s

under-cover and

someone wants

to discredit him

now you know

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