Betting On Vegas NBA All Stars Announced

Updated: January 27, 2007



Going where NO pro team

in any sport has ever has gone before

NBA’s All Star Game is

headed for Las Vegas

February 18th

And now we know who will be playing for the East and the West. The voting is over and a rather astonishing 69 million votes were cast on line. The power of the Internet. Imagine if we could vote for candidates for Congress on the Internet instead of having to show up at a polling place one specific day of the year.

Anyway back to Basketball

Surprise Surprise ALL

10 players on the Starting Teams

will be African American

The top vote getter Surprise Surprise is LeBron James with 2,516,049 votes. Now in second place is Yao Ming with 2,451,718 votes BUT Yao is not going to be playing at all of course because of his broken foot, which will leave us with an All African American Starting Teams in Vegas.

Here are the Top 10 vote totals

LeBron James, Cle 2,516,049 Yao Ming, Hou 2,451,718 Kobe Bryant, LAL 2,138,777 Dwyane Wade, Mia 2,029,591 Tracy McGrady, Hou 1,942,796 Allen Iverson, Den 1,813,638 Shaquille O’Neal, Mia 1,622,446 Kevin Garnett, Minn 1,616,575 Steve Nash, Pho 1,504,826 Dwight Howard, Orl 1,464,613

Now here are the Starting Teams …

Eastern Conference

F – LeBron James, Cleveland F – Chris Bosh, Toronto C – Shaquille O’Neal, Miami G – Dwyane Wade, Miami G – Gilbert Arenas, Washington

Western Conference

F – Kevin Garnett, Minnesota F-Tim Duncan, San Antonio C – Yao Ming, Houston G – Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers G – Tracy McGrady, Houston

With Yao Ming out of the picture the Western Conference Centers with the most votes are as follows: Amaré Stoudemire (Pho) 1,209,333; Erick Dampier (Dal) 385,179; Marcus Camby (Den) 373,382; Mehmet Okur (Utah) 339,247; Francisco Elson (SA) 252,622; Tyson Chandler (NOK) 202,531; Brad Miller (Sac) 186,230; Mark Blount (Minn) 175,322; Chris Kaman (LAC) 160,234.

So while it is officially Commissioner Stern’s call who will start at Center for the West in Yao Ming’s absence there should be NO doubt it will be the Phoenix Suns Amaré Stoudemire who finished second to Ming with 1,209,333 votes. Way way behind him is the Mavericks; Erick Dampier with 385,179 votes.

So it sure looks like it will be an ALL Black Show in the Gambling Capital of America Las Vegas. There is no doubt all the pro leagues but especially the NBA would love to put a team in Vegas for the very simple reasons Vegas will give the NBA anything it wants including the finest arena in the nation built to NBA specifications and guaranteed sold out games all season long.

If it wasn’t for that damn legalized sports gambling. That could cause a team and a league far more than it is worth if only in perception. On the other hand were it not for gambling why would anyone build let alone visit an opulent city like Las Vegas in such large numbers as to make it an attractive franchise site.

As for the All Star Game it is not one of the major sporting events of the year for most Americans. It is forever banned from network tv the ratings were so so low. The best the NBA can do is the TNT “network” not a venue to inspire a large viewership. Las Vegas will at least excite local interest. In fact Las Vegas is the first and only non franchise city ever to host an NBA All Star game.

So into the Desert we go

and the only thing we know

the gambling will be

uninterrupted and

10 Black ball players

will take to the Hardwood

as Starting All Stars in

Glitzy Las Vegas

next month then

hit the Tables

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