Another Black NFL Coach Goes DOWN Art Shell’s Brief Return

Updated: January 6, 2007



That was Quick

VERY quick

how many terrible NFL teams

give their new head coach

just ONE season to turn

the team around

that is Art Shell’s fate

Now you can offer whatever justification you like. But facts are facts. It is virtually unprecedented for a head coach and a coach who is in the NFL Hall of Fame himself and who has years of previous coaching experience to be fired after one season. And taking over as team that has been a wreck for years.

Art Shell got Screwed

And what else it means is that the NFL is now reduced to just FOUR Black NFL head coaches and get this 3 of those 4 are in the play-offs. More to the point there are NO African American names at all being mentioned for the 4 head coaching changes so far and with more to follow.

It is very very likely next season will see only 4 African American head coaches at Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Cleveland. Not only isn’t that progress it is a regression. Adding insult to this injury abiding by the so called Rooney Rule all the teams hiring new head coaches will go through the charade of interviewing Black candidates they have absolutely NO intention of hiring. It could get even worse almost comical if all the NFL teams searching for new head coaches all interview the very same African American.

Think it’s impossible

think again

This is the racially challenged NFL power structure.

Which has existed “forever” and shows no signs of weakening let alone changing. We are in fact being offered more proof that unless some new means are instituted to make more African Americans reasonable candidates for the head coach job nothing is going to change. Maybe forever.

Many will argue it is an intractable problem because teams cannot be forced not that anyone would force them to hire African Americans as head coaches. What is the alternative other than accepting the Status Quo. Twofold. First the NFL itself needs to redefine the position by making the cases through studies and promotion that successful head coaches are the result of many factors that come together.

Debunk the myth that 1) outstanding coaches are really different in important ways from other coaches, and 2) take a more analytical look at good coaching and further its relationship to winning teams. The very fact there is so much coaching turn over in the NFL proves there is no magical formula. Nor is there a class of super human coaches. It is the players who win nd lose games. And so an team’s ability to scout and draft talent year after year is key.

On the coaching side we need to admit the head coach has a far less significant role to play in game outcome than a baseball manager or basketball coach. Football coaching is definitely a group effort. Every team has a offense coordinator and defense coordinator who during the game largely control the management and the play of their units and players. An NFL team coach is much like a CEO doing very little himself relying on the work of others.

What is the Point ….

That individuals can be prepared in a far more systematic way to become head coaching candidates than is currently done. It will involve the NFL and the teams making a decision to spend a small amount of their huge profits to develop a high quality coaching academy. A “university” of coaching that will be every bit as available to Blacks as Whites.

Without dictating who teams hire as their assistant coaches and head coaches there is no doubt such a program well run with legitimate certification will unlocked the so called “mysteries” of coaching and make them far more available. Particularly to African Americans because this kind of coaching training academy will appeal to many NFL players who upon retiring have no defined path to the coaching ranks. In a mostly white fraternity.

Many certainly quite a few retiring players financially secure with no intent of getting a “normal” job anyway will be drawn to such a training program which will both identify their interest in coaching and provide them the necessary skill set. Much of which amounts to basic skills that are needed in any leadership post. Good coaching skills are not a mystery and can be learned.

NO we are not naive

NO such coaching academy will ever be created by the NFL. The Status Quo and lack of coaching positions for African Americans does not bother the 32 team owners, the NFL itself, fans, the media or the society at large. Spending money and making the efforts under these circumstances will never happen.

It would take Leadership

and a larger sense of purpose

ultimately a better society

none of which the

NFL possesses

( its only about the money and making more )

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