2007 May It Be Very Black Not In The NCAA They’ll Ring In The Same Ole Same Ole

Updated: January 1, 2007



Every new year is

much the same

Every new year is

very different

It is the same every year with rare exceptions. Each of us have years in which something different or unusual defines it for us. But the vast majority of us experiences mostly minor changes if any from year to year.

It’s the same in sports

why not

It’s the same for African Americans in Sports. And for those who aren’t. What is far more telling is all that does NOT change. From year to year. Those powerful underlying themes and situations that change at a glacial pace if at all.

Starting off the year there will be something very unusual in Sports.

Two African American Quarterbacks facing off in the BCS National Championship. Heisman winner Troy Smith for Ohio Stateand Chris Leak for the University of Florida. The first time ever in a BCS Championship. The second time ever in a college championship game.

As for the coaches vying for the BCS Championship they will both be White for sure. No African American has ever coached in a college championship game let alone won it. At the current dismal rate at which African Americans coach in college football it could possibly be decades more if ever before a Black head coach leads a national championship team.

The fact is the NCAA is mired in a lack of opportunity for African Americans both in coaching and administration and as these colleges get richer and richer off football and basketball and as Black players define both sports at most colleges nothing is changing off the field. Not in football. Or in general.

Without dramatic change during 2007 which is not going to happen 2008 is going to begin with the exact same situation in college sports as 2006 began and as 2009 and 2010 will begin. Institutional paralysis which favors one group over another and with leaders who are uninterested in change as they give Lip Service to change and improvement to make themselves look good.

And we live in a nation that does not care

even worse enjoys and encourages

this Diabolical Status Quo

Here are the figures

for the year ending

Division 1A

5 head coaches out of 119


UCLA Karl Dorrell Kansas State Ron Prince University of Buffalo Turnel Gill Mississippi State Sylvester Croom University of Washington Tyrone Willingham

Division 1-AA

6 head coaches out of 115


Indiana State Lou West Valparaiso Stacy Adams Columbia Norries Wilson Northern Arizona Jerome Souers Saint Peter’s College Chris Taylor SE Missouri State Tony Samuel

Division 2

1 head coach out of 151

less than 1%

Wayne State Paul Winters

Division 3

4 head coaches out of 231

less than 2%

Becker College Mel Mills Randolph-Macon Pedro Arruza Frostburg State Rubin Stevenson Salisbury College Sherman Wood

That’s it

Out of 616 colleges in the nation that play NCAA football from the most powerful and best known to the smallest and most obscure only 16 have head coaches who are African American. 16 out of 616. Less than 3%. The situation with college athletic directors is no better over all. Maybe most discouraging of all the smaller less significant colleges are even less likely to hire a Black coach than Division 1A and 1AA. Or athletic director.

That is particularly discouraging and proves the depth and the veracity of the lack of opportunity for African Americans in college sports off the playing field. The message is LOUD and clear from the NCAA and all its member colleges to African Americans. PLAY FOR US FOR FREE THEN GET LOST.

If this isn’t a very good

definition of Racism

backed up with

statistics then

nothing is

Happy New Year

WHITE America

SameOle SameOle


Keep in mind the NCAA doesn’t even use the cosmetic technique the NFL does in “requiring” one African American be interviewed for any open head coach position. There are NO such provisions in the NCAA and absolutely NO penalty even for an NCAA college that has NEVER in its history interviewed let alone hired an African American anywhere in its sports department.

Yet the NCAA and every single college program operates as TAX FREE not for profits no matter how much money they make nor even if they are ALL white organizations. So don’t just blame the NCAA. Blame the Federal government and ALL our Senators and Congress Members as well.

Happy New Year to all of them !!

SameOle SameOle

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