Yes It’s Possible To Make Too Much Money Ask Allen Iverson

Updated: December 17, 2006



Yes it’s True

you may not have

thought so but it is

Allen Iverson knows

only too well now

The next time you get offered a big raise consider Allen’s Iverson’s dilemma. It sure sounds good no great to make $20 Million a year. In any job let alone for playing Basketball. Is it possible you are better off working for even minimum wage. Well at least you’d have a job to go to.

Allen Iverson doesn’t any more

even if he’s still making

$20 Million for nothing

for staying home.

So put your problems in perspective Box readers. Yes there are plenty of NBA teams “taking a look” at Iverson. No doubt if Allen were a lesser player and let’s say being paid an embarrassing $10 Million a year by Philadelphia . As pathetic as that might be still he would have already been traded and right now getting ready for his next game in Minnesota, Denver or Boston. Instead he’s home actively reading BASN on the Internet. at least we hope.

Anybody who picks up Iverson’s contract obligation will have to guarantee the entire $40 Million left on it over the next two seasons. The fact that the NBA has a luxury tax on teams that spend a lot and go over the Cap just makes it worse for Allen. After paying Iverson all that money NBA Commissioner David Stern will force his new team to pay the League a hefty “tax” on top of that.

The real point here is ….

Life is unfair to rich people.

Black or white. We hear all the moaning about how bad poor people have it all the time most of all this time of the year at Christmastime. Well it’s not only poor people who have serious money problems. Sure Allen makes lots of money. BUT HE IS STILL HAVING MONEY PROBLEMS.

All that money is very seriously preventing him from getting a job. Preventing him from doing what he loves to do. Stealing his highly developed talent from him. Let’s look at the WORST case scenario because all things considered it is possible. It seems no matter what the 76ers will not let Iverson play again.

If only because the Sixers are on the Hardwood every game building a new team that can and will excel without him. In fact in contrast to not winning any championships with Iverson playing no matter how good a Baller he is.

That’s right Philadelphia’s owner will very likely keep Iverson on the inactive roster even if they can’t make a trade because playing him will only screw up their new game plan for the future. If they can’t do any better the Sixers will pay Iverson for not playing as a necessary cost they have to assume to build a “new” team that is a winner in the NBA. A team that will fill their arena. Make $$$.

There is one radical option available

but Allen Iverson should not

even consider it at all

We should not even mention it it is so heinous and an insult to the American way of wealth. That sets a bad example and could lead to a trend that could very well destroy the American way as we know it. Even lead to civil unrest..

Allen Iverson has a constitutional right as an American citizen not being held in Guantanemo by the Bush Administration to cancel his existing contract. That’s right Iverson could voluntarily relieve the Sixers of its obligations to him.

To actually tell the Sixers as much and sign a document vaporizing his existing contract. While Philadelphia would still legally have the right to his services for the next two years – since players just can’t walk away if they feel like it – they could then trade Iverson easily for whatever they could get in players and whatever deal Iverson would approve. For less money. Maybe $10 Million.

For however much Iverson is willing to play

based on what another team is willing to pay

But that is simply unconscionable

Allen better you stay home


getting paid $20 Million

for absolutely nothing

rather than set a Bad Example

for millions of Americans today

and generations yet unborn

make it $20 Million or

ROT NBA teams !

because Allen Iverson is

a $20 Million Man and

nothing less will do.

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