WOW Historic Day In Sports For African Americans

Updated: December 4, 2006



Count the Days

Count the Days

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Savor the



Days until …..

The BCS NCAA College Football Championship Game in Tempe, Arizona, Monday evening, January 8, 2007. Featuring the Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the University of Florida Gators. Ohio State rated #1 and Florida #2 at the end of the regular Division 1 season in December.

That is NOT the Story !

not the BIG Story

The fact that TWO African American Quarterbacks Troy Smith and Chris Leak will lead their teams that Fateful January night is The Story. After decades of struggle in which NO Black Quarterbacks existed in football beyond HBCU schools not in college not in the pros.

Then slow progress these last few Decades

until this Historic Moment

Two African American Quarterbacks for the first time in American Football Championship Game NCAA or NFL. For the first timer EVER 2 Black Quarterbacks will start for their teams and define the Championship Game.

Ohio State 12-0 this season under Troy Smith’s leadership #1 by far in all the Polls. Troy Smith who will win the coveted Heisman Trophy in one week in a virtually unanimous vote one of the most lopsided in history.

If it is possible Florida’s Chris Leak an even more remarkable story in that NOBODY gave the University of Florida a chance of finishing the 2006 season #2 with their 12-1 record defeating #8 Arkansas Saturday handily and going to the Championship Game. Playing 13 games more than all bout one other Top 10 team in the Final Standings, the Oklahoma Sooners #7. Another very special Black Quarterback story this season. Maybe here tomorrow !

Chris Leak the most productive Quarterback in Gators history was still dogged all summer and into the fall season by Florida fans and sports commentators who wanted him replaced with the a Freshman White Boy Tim Tebow – as good as he may become in the coming years the campaign to replace Leak now was nothing less than a slightly veiled “racial insult” to Chris Leak..

Chris Leak has NO chance of getting the Heisman at this point but since the Heisman Trust will still invite either 3 or 5 “leading” candidates to New York City for the Announcement next week Chris Leak absolutely deserves to be there. The idea that they will invite Brady Quinn from Notre Dame which will not be in the Championship Game for sure but not Chris Leak would amount to one more insult to one of the great college Quarterbacks of the last few years..

Back to the BCS Championship Game

as much as it is about Smith & Leak

it is about far more

More than ALL the success of many African American Quarterbacks over the last 3 decades this Championship Game more than any previous or current exploits by African American Quarterbacks will define the Future of this All Important Position for African American athletes …..

and even more to the Point

and the roots of Racism



Will any young teenage or even younger African American kid be prone to the kind of Racism both consciously so and worse buried into the very psyche of White football coaches and boosters from high school level and on discouraging young African Americans from wanting to play Quarterback insidiously by persuading these kids to become running backs or wide ends or defensive ends anything but Quarterback because that was “reserved” for White Kids.

Of course the vicious whispered “cover” Whites used to destroy Black Quarterback Dreams was that they weren’t “smart enough” to Quarterback but as Racist as that is it really was nothing but a diabolical con to rationalize decisions that were Pure Racism giving the impression White Coaches would have liked to have African American Quarterbacks but couldn’t afford” to name Black QBs no matter how talented a Black kid was because he wasn’t “smart enough.”

Of course the irony was for all those lonely decades encompassing most of the 20th century that these young African Americans were 10 times Smarter than the White Crackers with that Racist Philosophy. Hundreds of talented African Americans who would have made Great Quarterbacks certainly as good as their White teammates who got all the Glory ….

Hundreds of young African American athletes who went on to outstanding careers as running backs offensive ends and defensive players but played their entire careers never being given the opportunity to play the most coveted position in all of Sports. The position like no other anywhere in any Sport Quarterback.

So what the upcoming BCS Championship Game

will mean and Symbolizes more than

any previous moment in all

of American Sports history

as the entire nation is

riveted January 8th

the Spectacle of

African Americans

leading what amounts to

A National Religious Festival

( that’s what Sports is our religion )

Get ready America for

many many many more

Black Quarterbacks

from now on !

January 8th will be

a day of Great Celebration

across Black America

and for all Americans

who believe in Fairness

and Equality for All


We are proud that here in the Box for more than 5 years we have made the Black Quarterback our defining theme. When we came along there was little attention being paid to the history of Quarterback Racism and the slow emergence of African American Quarterbacks. As much as it was happening.

It was happening before our eyes

One of the most important developments in American Sports history but the sports media acted as though there was nothing going on worth commenting upon. No more. We have seen over these last 5 years increasing attention paid to the Black Quarterback. Still it the BCS Championship Game will not get the attention it deserves for this very fact from the rest of the sports media.

Most of all ….

The tens of millions of Americans watching the game will be oblivious to the fact two BLACK Quarterbacks are commanding the Gridiron that night ignoring the importance of what is taking place. Too bad for them. Whether out of desire to deny what they or seeing or just ignorant to the fact.

It is a moment of tremendous

satisfaction here in the Box

and throughout BASN

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….