Why We Should All Be Titans Fans This Week

Updated: December 26, 2006



No matter what

Vince Young and his Titans

do next Sunday the odds are

against them making the Playoffs

and keep in mind NO team in

NFL history which began their season

0-5 has ever made the Playoffs


PURE Excitement

That’s what.

The look of the New England at Tennessee game Sunday, December 31st, 1PM, Eastern Standard Time. If CBS does not broadcast this game anywhere a local game does not preempt it there is something WRONG at CBS Sports. Very wrong. So pray they get this one right.

For the Patriots who have already won their AFC East Division there is still that all important home field Play-off advantage to try and capture. And for the Tennessee Titans there is so much more to battle for Sunday. A completely surprising potential trip to the Post-Season.

And one player above all others

leading this surprising charge

the Titans endlessly exciting

First Year Quarterback

Vince Young

Right now right now Vince Young is the most exciting Quarterback in the NFL in only his rookie season. And by the way if he SURPRISES the football world and the odds and leads the Titans into the Post-Season Young rather than Reggie Bush is most likely to claim Rookie of the Year honors.

A continuation of the battle Bush and Young waged for the Heisman Trophy last year which Reggie Bush won but many feel belonged to Vince Young. Certainly if the 2005 Heisman vote had been taken AFTER Texas’ upset victory over USC and Reggie Bush in the BCS Championship game that was engineered by Vince Young the Heisman Trophy would have been his.

The stakes are very high Sunday

Fox broadcast the game

across the nation

This past Sunday another spectacular come from behind victory for Young and the Titans as they traveled to Buffalo to shock the Bills in the final moments of the game scoring 10 points coming from a 29-20 deficit as the clock dwindled down to nothing and winning once again. This time 30-29.

Tennessee has won its last 6 games in a row with Vince Young controlling the Offense. No its not a one man team. Lots of stand out performances these last 2 months most notably running back Travis Henry as well as the Defense but Vince Young is the Catalyst. He is the Man. Of the Hour. In Tennessee.

The Titans have won 8 of their last 10 games after opening the season 0-5. Young did not start the first 2 games. And 2 of their losses this season has been by just one point to 2 of the best in the NFL. Losing to Indianapolis 14-13 and to Baltimore 30-29. But for those razor thin loses against some of the best the Titans would be sitting atop their Division in the Play-offs rather than still fighting for a spot.

Here are Tennessee’s last 10 games where they are 8-2

Oct 15 – W at Washington, 25-22 Oct 29 – W vs. Houston, 28-22 Nov 5 – L at Jacksonville, 7-37 Nov 12 – L vs. Baltimore, 26-27 Nov 19 – W at Philadelphia, 31-13 Nov 26 – W vs. NJ Giants, 24-21 Dec 3 – W vs. Indianapolis, 20-17 Dec 10 – W at Houston, 26-20 OT Dec 17 – W vs. Jacksonville, 24-17 Dec 24 – W at Buffalo, 30-29

So far the season has best been defined by one of the greatest comebacks in the entire history of the NFL when Young and his Titans came back from a 21-0 loss to the New Jersey Giants with only 10 minute remaining in the 4th Quarter until Young threw for 2 and ran for 1 TD combined with a Field Goal.

All of this leading up to Sunday’s approaching clash between powerhouse New England Patriots traveling to Nashville to take on the surging Tennessee Titans. Most of the arm chair experts have already called this one. The Patriots demolish the Titans and send Young and his team home to the off-season.

If you on the other hand know

that conventional “wisdom”

isn’t wisdom at all and

that Vince Young proves

over and over again

he wins BIG games

watch the game IF

CBS lets you and

bet on the Titans

and pray that

Lady Luck

then puts them

in the Play-offs

this Cinderella team

and their Knight in

Shining Armor

Vince Young

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