T.O. Needs To Take A Serious (T)ime (O)ut

By Jerald L. Hoover
Updated: December 28, 2006

NEW YORK — There are malcontents and then there are pests and then there are trouble makers and then there are, well there is Terrell Owens. For all of the graceful things that he once brought to the playing field when he was just a football player and not a media wannabe icon things have gotten worse. And soon if he’s not careful T.O. will be looking on the outside of the NFL.

The way things are shaping out in T.O.’s latest stop with the Dallas Cowboys are going from bad to worse with more and more damage being done after each and every loss.

It’s nobody’s secret that Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells has had absolutely no use for the guy. He even went out of his way to not mention his name during press conferences; always referring to T.O. as simply, “the player”. But, now the question remains, is T.O. really a player?

Sure, he’s scored 12 touches and has amassed 1,063 yards or 79 catches for a 13.5 average, but he’s also leading the entire NFL and that includes both the AFC and the NFC in dropped passes.

Of course as T.O. would put it there are always explanations: “The sun was in my eyes”, “There was a shadow”, “I had to re-run my route”, “I was held by the defender”, “The quarterback didn’t do this or didn’t do that”.

Whatever the circumstance there’s always an excuse or a passing of the buck. He never owns up to anything.

As an army of media types, NFL officials and fans have started to point out, it’s one thing if T.O. was still a highly productive player and a positive game changer, then you sort of turn the deaf ear to things, but the fact remains, he’s not even close to the player he once was while he was with the San Francisco 49ers much less the Philadelphia Eagles where he almost guided the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory.

When T.O. first came into the League out of Chattanooga, he was so much of a good guy if you will that even his mentors (future Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice ) children cited him as their favorite player. That of course was many moons ago. Whoever unleashed this defective personality of his to the masses really did him a disservice.

T.O. isn’t just getting blasted by white media types and fans but those fans and media types of color also are joining in. The fact remains now parent should want for their child to grow to be a disruptive force in anything in life, especially when it could cost them opportunities in life.

The problem with people in the sports world like T.O. is that things can turn around for the worse once they’re done playing. When you burn that many bridges you better hope with all hope that you always keep charge of your money.

Because down the line if your money were to dry up and you know longer have the media’s eyes or ears you become just a loud mouth has been that no one cares too much about.

History shows that with famous people that when the real money dries up so do your so called friends; especially those in high places, shucks the so called friends in low places can be wishy-washy as well.

No longer do you get priority seating at public events. No longer do you get the invites to the VIP celebrity jaunts. No longer are you a serious “get” for media types. You become more like an ingrown toe nail that needs to be extracted.

Whatever few or many games left short of an MVP performance and win in the Super Bowl in Miami T.O. days in Big D is numbered. Owner Jerry Jones cannot possibly think about keeping this guy around; especially with the way the 25 million contract is constructed.

It’s a 3-year deal but they’re signed as a series of one year contracts. Therefore, the Dallas Cowboys will not be penalized too much by the salary cap. Somebody in that front office was thinking way ahead of the game.

It’s too bad that athletes don’t exhibit the same class in measurement to their respective talents. But, it goes to show you that athletes, regardless of how rich or famous they are, are literally just ordinary people under the surface. Money does not buy sensibilities.

And if T.O. isn’t careful with all of his shenanigans when or if his money runs out once he’s booted out of the league for good his T.O. won’t be standing for Terrell Owens it will stand for Tuned Out.