‘One and Done’ Latest Degradation of College Sports

Updated: December 24, 2006




Spin Machines

are working


To sell their newest form of commercialization of college sports. Not that it is anything but commercialized now but we have the newest marketing ploy unfolding this college basketball season. Of course it has a semi-official happy name “one and done.” It certainly has a positive if vague ring to it.

What it is all about is the new NBA rule that high school players cannot go straight from high school to the NBA no matter how good they are. As Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and a host of others have.

The real problem for the NBA was one of self image.

The flip side of the NCAA’s self delusional image of itself. Both want that mystique of the college athlete working hard for his or her degree while playing sports on the side in their free time to build character and display school spirit. Right.

It’s a fabrication.

The NBA without ever saying so of course “feared” that if more and more basketball players went from high school to the pros as more and more they prove they certainly can – then the NBA would be diminished maybe coming to be seen almost as some “street ball” league with less and less of the players having this well known college or that following their names. The problem is they worry that that would diminish their own image of themselves from the Commissioner, to the team owners then God forbid advertisers and fans.

But what would be a good solution …..

If there was any sincerity here ( an amusing thought ) the NBA could have passed a new rule declaring that a player must be 4 years removed from high school before they could enter the NBA draft or play there under any conditions. Then every worthwhile young player would have one good choice and only one play college ball for 4 years and get a college degree. Maybe.

But of course the NBA was not going that far

no way on Earth get serious ….

This ia about the NBA’s self image not about the education of mostly young Black men. NO what was needed was the kind of spin that newspapers like The New York Times would proclaim a wonderful new program as they did BOLDLY on the front page of their Saturday sports section. Or as they put it “the NBA wants a more polished player and person” What ???

What the new “one and done” is all about is that super talented high school grads who would be first round NBA draft picks if they could like O.J. Mayo instead must now play for one college team or another for ONE season supposedly enrolled as STUDENTS when by no legitimate definition are they STUDENTS.

They are super-talented young basketball players for “hire” by without the NCAA colleges having to pay them even a penny. None of these so called STUDENTS are even going to stick around for to finish one college school year or take exams. What exams. As soon as the college basketball season is over and the NBA draft starts you will NEVER see any of them on campus again.

Here is the real problem …

The Times articles, the NBA and especially the NCAA White Wash. The NCAA “charter” that defines the very meaning of college sports. Up until now although audaciously ignored and violated, at least until now athletes going to play NCAA sports have the veneer they might actually be there for the education to get a degree as a percentage actually do. Degrees of very questionable value but still until and unless they leave early to their college’s disappointment these student athletes are actually enrolled as DEGREE students.

Not these “one and done” basketball players

Everyone involved. The young players, the NBA, the NCAA, even The New York Times know full well they are NOT real students by any definition except some legalistic fiction meant to provide “cover” for them to play.

By the very NCAA rule structure and their own regulations these players should be BARRED from ever playing for an NCAA college team because they have fraudulently enrolled as students for less than ONE year with NO intent of completing the degree program and …..

……… only for the purpose of entering the NBA Draft. Before any student who would have enrolled in college to play on an NCAA team for one season with the sole purpose of leaving after one year to profit from that single season of play – if NCAA officials became aware of any such attempt that player would be barred and expelled from that college until now of course.

It’s a “new” day at the NCAA

Round and round

and round we go

and where we stop

the money knows

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