‘Nine’ Lives of Ron Dayne ‘Little’ Engine That Could

Updated: December 27, 2006



Ron Dayne should

get an award for Something

Dayne keeps getting knocked down and cut from teams but he keeps coming back and adding more notable performances. First there was his 1999 Heisman Trophy which some had a hard time believing he won. As a bulky Wisconsin running back who simply crashed his way to yardage without finesse.

Then there was his turbulent career with the New Jersey Giants wo drafted him in the First Round to become their new great running back but who quickly proved disappointing after first displaying some early success.

Playing fairly consistently his first 3 seasons with the Giants to decreasing results. From 770 rushing yards in 2000, to 690 rushing yards in 2001, to 428 rushing yards in 2002 before missing the entire 2003 season returning discouraged and wanting to be traded in 2004 to gain 179 rushing yards on all of 52 carries.

Before being cut by the Giants

some saying his career

was OVER

Then given a chance by the Denver Broncos in 2005 playing in 10 games carrying the ball 53 times for 270 yards and one very notable game late in the season in which he literally won the game for Denver with a crowd pleasing 55 yard run on Thanksgiving Day November 24, 2005 against Dallas in Overtime setting up a game winning field goal. He might have scored the game winning Touchdown but Dayne was in no shape to run that far.

Still that did not save his job

he was cut by Denver this

2006 pre-season

Only to emerge with the hapless Houston Texans last season’s “worst team in the NFL.” And another burst of success for Ron Dayne. Maybe heck yes his BEST game ever this past Sunday. Running for a career high 153 yards on 32 carries and TWO Touchdowns. Absolutely Dayne’s best game as a pro. And powered last place Houston over first place Indianapolis Colts 27-24.

This season Ron Dayne in the last 4 Houston games has run for 429 yards and 5 TDs. All told Dayne has 612 rushing yards this season. He has played in 10 of Houston’s 15 games and started 5. Averaging 4.1 yards a carry. You could call Ron Dayne the Texans leading running back this season.

But guess what …..

…. there’s no guarantee Dayne now 28 will be back with the Texans next season. Houston claimed Dayne on wavers after the Broncos cut him in pre-season. Maybe Houston will be impressed enough to offer Ron a contract. More likely not/. He may have to qualify again in pre-season. Next year.

The only sure thing is

Ron Dayne will likely

be playing for some

NFL team next season

he is too good not

to fill a hole on one

NFL team or another

and just maybe

Ron Dayne’s best

is still ahead of him


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