Maurice Clarett’s Christmas In Prison

Updated: December 25, 2006



In some grimy state prison in

Toledo, Ohio, Maurice Clarett

will spend Christmas a broken

young man with no prospects

You aren’t going to be reading about Maurice Clarett this Christmas Day anywhere but here. While he was big news for a while over time he might not even merit a footnote. His life will be defined by his personal flaws and bad decisions that have left him a convicted felon with no future.

But for one shining moment one brief moment, Clarett played Moses to the NFL and the NCAA when a Federal Court judge ruled Maurice Clarett and all student athletes had as Constitutional right to enter the NFL Draft after only two years of college. That is until the Federal Appeals Court quickly “corrected” the wayward Federal District Judge and overturned her decision.

The Appeals Court ruled that the NFL was within its right to set its own employment qualifications and if that meant a player had to be 3 years removed from high school graduation that is their right. The NCAA was not even a party to the suit. Supposedly it has nothing to do with the NCAA.

Fast forward 2 years ….

Change the sport from football to basketball. The new NBA rule is that players can no longer enter the NBA directly from high school but must wait one additional year. If all they were going to do during that year is play ball in school yards in their old neighborhoods or worse sit around and do nothing, the NBA would not gain at all from its new rule discussed in yesterday’s Box.

Instead a very willing NCAA is gleefully allowing these young super basketball talents to enroll in NCAA colleges and play basketball for just one season waiting to qualify for the NBA draft and young basketball players with absolutely no intention of staying in those colleges to get a degree or even finish out one full college year as freshmen. Once the college basketball season ends they will be long gone getting ready for the NBA draft.

So what in God’s name does this have to do with Clarett.


The NCAA has made no changers whatsoever in its by laws or regulations to accommodate these new “one and done” college basketball players. They won’t make any changes because this scam contradicts the very core nature of the NCAA ‘charter’ that college sports are part of a full bodied educational environments producing well rounded college graduates. And that student athletes not profit from playing NCAA sports nor engage in such sports specifically for such purposes.

The NCAA is simply looking the other way

Here is the Point …

By definition the NBA and NCAA are colluding to deny young talented basketball players the right to enter the NBA draft directly from high school by engaging the NCAA to create a “program” that keeps these young players in an environment where their talents will continue to improve. And the NBA feels comfortable “assigning” young players for one year.

Except that the NCAA is supposedly not a business for hire nor is it supposedly entering into agreements with professional leagues to facilitate the needs of these professionals leagues. WHY?? BECAUSE THAT WOULD NEGATE THE ENTIRE NOT FOR PROFIT STATUS OF THE NCAA and all big time college sports by inclusion. No longer would all that PROFIT so many colleges make from basketball and football any longer be tax free.

Now here is Maurice Clarett’s law suit for

$100 Million against the NFL and NCAA

The NFL in defending itself against Clarett’s original legal action to be allowed in the 2004 NFL Draft argued that it was acting within its rights to set conditions of employment and its 3 years removed from high school rule was a legitimate logical rule to insure that only physically and emotionally mature young athletes could enter the Draft. Leaving aside as the Federal Appeals Court did how they could make such an all encompassing determination ……..

…. inherent in the NFL defense and by implication the Federal Appeals Court decision denying Maurice Clarett is the “fact” that the NFL by definition was NOT conspiring with the NCAA to insure that the NCAA colleges were not drained of the talent that keeps those huge football profits rolling in.

If in fact the NFL had admitted in their filing that a reason for their 3 year “rule” was an accommodation to the NCAA. In effect an agreement by legal definitions THEN their entire defense would have collapsed because even big name college alumni Federal Judges would have found it impossible ……

…….. to rule that the NFL was not VIOLATING Clarett’s rights making him a victim of a rule that was not imposed for any stated reason but rather to accommodate the needs of the NCAA with the very willing participation of the NFL.

What the current “one and done”

NCAA basketball scam proves

……… is that the NCAA is involved in a “conspiracy” with one or more professional sports leagues to accomplish unstated objectives that are a detriment to the rights of individual student athletes and agreements that are in clear violation of the NCAA charter and its not-for-profit status.

On the basis of the NBA-NCAA “one and done” agreement to allow young basketball players enroll in NCAA colleges “fraudulently” as students in a degree program when that is clearly not their purpose, but rather only for purposes of playing one season of college ball before the NBA draft …

….. Maurice Clarett can go into Court seeking damages based on the fact that the “one and done” NBA-NCAA “agreement” allows Clarett to contend that in fact an agreement exists and has existed between the NCAA and the NFL likewise unwritten in which both the NCAA and NFL “cooperate” to serve the needs of both at the expense of the Constitutional rights of student athletes ……..

…. and that furthermore as a result of an arbitrary rule whose real purpose is hidden from the student athletes that income that could and should accrue to these athletes in a free, open and legitimate market place are denied them.

That the NCAA and NFL are in fact engaged in interstate commerce together while at the same time they have hidden that fact from the Courts in order to obtain favorable decisions and as such are involved in a “conspiracy to defraud” and to insure the NCAA is not stripped of its not for profit status ……


Maurice Clarett

most notably

sits rotting in jail

on Christmas Day

denied his rights

then falling apart

on Christmas Day

on Christmas Day

on Christmas Day

in the Morning

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