Karl Dorrell Coach of Distinction Eric McNeal Play of a Lifetime UCLA UCLA

Updated: December 6, 2006



They changed

college football history

these 2 Black ‘brothers’

one older one younger

this past Saturday

in Los Angeles

Upset of Upsets

The best laid plans of mice and men and college football teams can often go astray. For all practical purposes it seemed the tickets for the Ohio State vs. USC Championship Game that will take place in January in Glendale, Arizona might as well have been printed before the “meaningless” UCLA vs. USC game was even played last Saturday. Not so as we know.

The Upset masterminded most of all by UCLA Head Coach Karl Dorrell and Linebacker Eric McNeal changed the course of college football at least for a year and produced what will always remain one of the legendary upsets of any college football season. Just ask USC and their coach Pete Carroll.

As obvious from the Final Score 13-9 what UCLA did so well was contain USC which was UCLA coach Karl Dorrell’s plan all along. But as well as that plan worked late into the 4th Quarter and while Dorrell might have claimed to have “contained” USC even if they had scored and USC won 16-13 …..

……. it would have been an empty boast. Which is why equal credit and a “play for the football ages” belongs to UCLA Linebacker Eric McNeal who first simply tipped USC Quarterback John David Booty’s pass which would have been memorable enough under the circumstances ……

…….. preventing a successful pass play on a crucial 3rd down with USC in sight of the UCLA goal line having driven down the Field but then greatness struck when McNeal whirled and leaped and grabbed the football as it fell toward the ground an INTERCEPTION on the UCLA 20 yard line effectively ending the game with only 1:10 left on the clock and the UPSET assured.

The result might not be so unexpected if you remember that both UCLA and USC played Notre Dame this year. USC crushed the so called Fighting Irish 44-24 but early in the season highly favored Notre Dame barely pulled out a victory at the end of their game against UCLA 20-17 back in October.

Still UCLA Coach Karl Dorrell’s reign at UCLA has been no bed of roses at least not until his HUGE victory Saturday yes in the Rose Bowl. Dorrell one of the best receivers ever in his playing days at UCLA has done well enough in his 4 seasons as head coach of the Bruins but losing 3 consecutive times to arch rival USC these previous 3 seasons and last year getting slaughtered and in 4 seasons not coming anywhere near a National Championship can be labeled “failure” in football crazy colleges like UCLA.

As for Senior and Linebacker Eric McNeal his entire college football career can truly be summed up in that one historic interception last Saturday. He now has a memory that will carry him throughout his life and a story to tell his children and his grandchildren for as long as he will live. And whenever Eric appears at a UCLA alumni reunion he will always be greeted with wild cheering for one single play on a late fall afternoon in Pasadena.

Most important of all

because of Karl Dorrell

and Eric McNeal and

the entire UCLA team

Ohio State & Florida

will create a milestone

in football history as

2 Black Quarterbacks

face each other for the

National Championship

for the First Time ever

in Glendale Arizona

soon enough come

January 8th

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