It’s Time For “That Other” Receiver To Realize He’s The Snitch That Keeps Telling His Business

By Gregory Moore
Updated: December 18, 2006

SAN ANTONIO — When I heard the accusation coming from Atlanta Falcons’ DeAngelo Hall, I figured he was just a disgruntled defensive back who got torched by Terrell Owens. After all it was Hall who was covering Owens the whole game and Tony Romo found his best weapon twice in the contest.

One play was so spectacular that it looked as if Owens had snatched the ball away from Hall’s grasp. The other play exposed Hall as a speed guy who doesn’t know how to close in on his prey. Pro Bowler versus Pro Bowler and the four-time member won the battle.

It looked that way until Hall made the accusation during the post game media coverage. Hall said that he was spat upon by Owens six games into the first quarter.

Hall was defiant and pretty upset and as was mentioned earlier, this writer thought he was just a frustrated cornerback who got embarrassed on national television. That is until the following was said.

“I got frustrated, and I apologize for that,” Owens said. “It was a situation where he kept bugging me and getting in my face.” Okay Hall lost all respect for him and I’m thinking a bunch of fans have lost respect too. If Owens really did do this dastardly of a deed, then he is as low as any football player in recent memory. Spitting on a player is unconscionable. It shows a lack of control.

But Owens has taken this to a whole new level because this act really wasn’t caught on tape in the viewing public’s eyes. He could have easily said he didn’t do it and made it a he said/he said incident.

So why would Owens say such a thing on national television? Because he’s a snitch. More appropriately he is the snitch in the locker-room that keeps telling his business. He’s like the moth that flies to the 500-watt bulb at a stadium. The light is bright and it will most likely burn him up but he can’t stay away from it.

That’s really a sad commentary on supposedly a very good football player but it is what it is in this case. Now the problem could be that he may actually cost the Cowboys a game of significant importance because he just doesn’t know how to shut up.

But that is what ‘snitches’ do when they are in trouble; they sing and Owens is singling loud and clear. And he could be singing his way out of yet another job in just season or so tenure.


When it comes to great fights, Madison Square Gardens has always been a place to see those historic bouts. But I don’t think anyone was expecting a fight between the New York Knicks and the Denver Nuggets but it happened and now the NBA’s man of discipline, Stu Jackson, needs to come down on ten players and a coach for their barbaric behavior.

I was talking this situation over with a friend of mine and she had an interesting viewpoint on the situation. As a matter of fact it was something so clinical that I would have never thought about the issue in that realm. Her assessment of the fight? Grown men who are insecure.

“It was stupid,” she said via an e-mail on Monday morning. “It’s like all these grown men are acting out frustrations and are displaying inappropriate behaviors on and off the courts. Most of the showcasing of bravado is a result from lack of a parent involved in their development or lack of dedicated, nurturing, and dependable relationships with their parent/parents.” Now that’s an interesting way of looking at this fight. I’m not going to go out on a limb and say that every one of those players need to go in for a lobotomy exam but somebody needs to ask all 10 of the thrown out ball players what were they thinking.

I know what they were not thinking about and that was the consequences of their actions and how this would play out to the rest of the world. Well they won’t have to wait too long because with this happening in the league’s backyard, punishment will be swift.

Now my friend’s assessment does have some merit because it seems that tempers and actions just flared at the wrong time; especially for the Knicks. This wasn’t the first time that this team was embarrassed like this but if Isiah Thomas and his team are losing control because of blowouts, then surely that type of disruptive behavior is a sign of something more troubling; like maybe the Knicks are that bad of a team?

Whatever the punishment ends up being for those involved, this is just another black eye that the NBA must try to heal. Even two years after the “Malice at the Palace”, the truth of the matter is that the players and coaches still haven’t learned how to conduct themselves in heated situations.

These games are broadcast around the world and seen by millions, including kids. You would think that the players finally realize that they are role models and that they need to behave in a fashion that gives off positive responses; even when things are as nasty as that brawl on Saturday night.