Boycott Major League Baseball’s New “Civil Rights Game”

Updated: December 7, 2006



Bud Selig must be given credit

for being so relentless in trying

to con African Americans

unfortunately with some Success

His latest Con is insidious in its own way. MLB has just announced a new annual offering a yearly pre-season exhibition game to be inaugurated this coming spring to “honor” (sic) the Civil Rights Movement. There will be a ‘special’ game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Cleveland Indians in Memphis, March 31, 2007, which as the MLB media machine states ” will culminate a day of celebrating the Civil Rights Movement.” HOW NICE.

We are going to quote heavily from the MLB press release if only for its humor value. Also Selig deserves special kudos for roping in Spike Lee. Maybe if Selig is really good he can turn Spike into MLB’s male Black Zombie to accompany female Black Zombie Rachel Robinson, Who is completely bought & paid for many times over. Oh YES in honor of the “Civil Rights Game” MLB is making another financial contribution to Rachel’s Jackie Robinson Foundation ( which of course has nothing to do with promoting Black involvement in Baseball ).

Back to the MLB press propaganda …..

” “The Civil Rights era and its pioneers are one of great importance and should not be forgotten,” said filmmaker Spike Lee. “I am pleased to join Major League Baseball in celebrating and reflecting on the tremendous achievements that African American players made as they changed the game of baseball and contributed to one of the most significant times of social change in our country.”

You tell ‘em Spike !

maybe Spike should stop

attending so many basketball games

and go to Major League Baseball games

and count the African American players

on any MLB baseball field

And HERE’S Bud himself ….

” This game is designed to commemorate the Civil Rights Movement, one of the most critical and important eras of our social history,” said Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig. “I am proud of the role that Major League Baseball played in the Movement, beginning with Jackie Robinson’s entry into the big leagues on April 15, 1947, and very pleased that we have this opportunity to honor the Movement and those who made it happen.”

Bud Selig has the date April 15, 1947, tattooed to his brain. He mentions it more than than his own wife’s name. For Selig it is a magical amulet. Every time he says April 15, 1947, he proves how dedicated Baseball is to integration even as his policies have African Americans disappear from Baseball.

Some more from the MLB propaganda machine ….

” The Civil Rights Game, which will be held annually, will pay tribute to one of our country’s most significant eras of social change and honor Major League Baseball’s involvement in the historic struggle through which legendary African American players broke barriers and made important contributions to American society.”

Well well well. So that is the point Baseball has done its part in the PAST and now in the PRESENT and for the FUTURE MLB has NO reason and NO value in wanting to continue to see African Americans prosper in Baseball. Having done so Baseball can now return to its old ways and simply HONOR itself for its PAST role. And doesn’t this new event prove that “brilliantly” …..

The MLB Civil Rights Game whose purpose is ( right off the MLB press release ) “to honor the Movement and those who made it happen.” There is NOT a single mention and NOT even one event during this day long “celebration” that will address in any way the precipitous decline in Black players and the African American audience for Baseball.

In fact ……

The end result of anyone attending March 31, 2007, in Memphis with Bud Selig and Major League Baseball will be to get the impression African Americans are a full partner in MLB baseball, that Black players are flourishing, when there are less African American players today than since the early 1950s, that there are many African American MLB managers, when there will only be TWO next season, that there are a good numbest of Black MLB team owners WHEN THERE HAS NEVER EVEN BEEN ONE.

( sorry let’s not forget the TWO African American MLB Umpires .. TWO out of a roster of SEVENTY .. TWO the most there have EVER been )

And look at where the MLB hush money

that will be distributed that day is going …

National Civil Rights Museum, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the Jackie Robinson Foundation, the Negro League Museum and other local Memphis charities. NONE of which has anything to do with bringing more young African American athletes back into Baseball.

Then there will be The Luncheon

where all the Phony Breast Beating

will take place in Memphis

Rachel Robinson will be there. GUARANTEED. To pick up her latest check. Spike Lee who is being PAID by Bud Selig and MLB Baseball to do a short propaganda film for them will be there, And as MLB describes the Luncheon, “As part of the day’s events, the annual Major League Baseball Beacon Awards will be introduced at a fundraising luncheon and will honor various individuals for their efforts on behalf of Civil Rights throughout the world.”

Today’s final word goes to

MLB Senior VP Len DeLuca

” In 2007, the Civil Rights Game and the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s breaking of the color barrier remind us of the cultural importance of baseball,” said Len DeLuca, senior vice president, programming and acquisitions. “ESPN is delighted to collaborate with Major League Baseball to honor the sports history of this watershed movement.”

Ah yes the 60th Anniversary

April 15, 2007

the Memphis event

is just a warm up for

The Really BIG Show

honoring Jackie R. and

ALL the African Americans

in Major League Baseball

April 15, 2007

Both these days

the only legitimate response


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