Bob McNair’s Worst Nightmare Comes True…

Updated: December 12, 2006



How stupid can the Rich be

let us count the ways

better yet we bring you

Bob McNair

We’ve covered this Story before. Houston Texans owner Bob McNair with the #1 NFL Draft Choice last April passing on both home town favorite Vince Young and as well Reggie Bush. Yes in favor of a Defensive player. But this Story is worth telling again and again as new chapters are added.

Now there is nothing wrong with Mario Williams. He is a fine Defensive End. Probably an All Star Defensive End. Maybe eventually a Hall of Fame Defensive End. So what. You do NOT use the #1 Choice in the entire NFL Draft when you own the WORST team in the NFL. And available to you for the taking are either of two SuperStars in the making at the 2 most important positions on the Gridiron. Either Quarterback Vince Young or Running Back Reggie Bush.

But that is exactly what Bob McNair did

as the football world knows so well

But not until this last Sunday did the specific absurdity of the Brain Dead Decision by McNair come into full focus. As Vince Young played his Houston Texans in Houston, while a few hundred miles away Reggie Bush played that other well known Texas team the Dallas Cowboys.

Luckily Bob McNair got to watch both games. Both in person if he liked using his corporate jet to fly over to Dallas if he chose. Houston and Tennessee played early afternoon. New Orleans and Dallas Sunday night. After watching both games he should have blown his brains out. He didn’t.

Far far more of course for the Titans 26-20 victory over his Texans when Vince Young ran 39 yards for a Touchdown in Overtime. The game could not possibly have ended better for Young and worse for McNair. On top of that the Houston crowd spent the game cheering for Vince Young. Life long Houstonian and University of Texas football legend Vince Young.

Since taking over as Starting Quarterback for Tennessee this his rookie year the Titans has won 6 of their last 8 games. After opening the season 0-5 the Titans are now 6-7 and although it might take a statistical miracle Tennessee has some chance of making the Playoffs if Vince Young can lead Tennessee to victory in their final 3 regular season games. A real possibility.

While not far away in Dallas

Reggie Bush was continuing his likely Rookie of the Year season as New Orleans smashed ( we don’t like to say HUMILIATED ) the Dallas Cowboys 42-17 Sunday night. Reggie Bush didn’t even have one of his best games. Bush ran the Ball just 6 times for 37 yards averaging 6.2 yds per carry.

As a talented receiver Bush had an even better day catching 6 passes for 125 yards averaging 20.8 yards per reception and scoring a spectacular TD with one. As for New Orleans likewise one of the worst NFL teams last season before they DRAFTED Reggie Bush in April ,this season with Reggie Bush the Saints are cruising in First Place in the NFC South with their 9-4 record

And what about McNair’s Houston Texans

Surprise Surprise Houston is buried in Last Place in the AFC South with their 4-9 record. Call it their permanent home. They certainly will finish there again this season. Although they have a real fight on their hands to try and “win” the First Draft Selection again. A battle with Oakland, Detroit and Tampa Bay. Houston needs to lose their last 3 games to have any chance. They can probably accomplish that. But Oakland and Detroit both winning their last 3 games and Tampa Bay winning 2 of 3 is a real stretch. But you never know. In the NFL.

Now here is the Irony

we love to find in every Box

it is not inconceivable that

because Bob McNair is so Stupid

even with the 2nd or 3rd draft choice

in the First Round come April 2007

Heisman Winner QB Troy Smith

just might still be available or

if not then Florida QB Chris Leak

which just goes to prove again

no matter how Stupid the Rich are

they always win in the end anyway.

( unless McNair is terminally Stupid )

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