And The New Champ Is…LA Dainian Tomlinson

Updated: December 19, 2006



The only question left is

LaDainian Tomlinson

the best ever ….

His performance Sunday night against Kansas City certainly did nothing to diminish his growing Stature. Tomlinson in fact had his longest NFL run ever a burst of 85 yards for another TD to add to the single season record he broke last week. Sunday night he picked up another 199 yards in total on 25 carries scoring 2 Touchdowns. And there are still 2 more regular season games to go !

So far this season LaDainian has more Total Touchdowns 31, more Rushing Touchdowns 28 and more Points Scored 186 in one season than ANY player in the history of the NFL. And we’re talking about the likes of Jim Brown and Paul Hornung, among a long list of Hall of Famers.

In fact it is actually hard to fathom just how great Tomlinson may prove on the Gridiron. He is only 27 and in his 6th NFL season. There is little doubt that barring the always present threat of injury that at a minimum minimum he has 5 more championship level seasons in him. And it could go as high as 10 more if his mind and his body are willing. He can already be called the greatest player in San Diego Chargers history.

And Tomlinson is durable very durable so far in 6 seasons he has started in every single Chargers game except for one game in 2004. A total of 93 games as of this last game against Kansas City which San Diego won 20-9 bringing their record to 12-2 of course guaranteeing them the post-season and dreaming SuperBowl.

Back to Tomlinson’s career stats. He has 8987 rushing yards, averaging 4.5 yards per carry and scoring exactly 100 Touchdowns. As a triple threat Tomlinson also has 395 pass receptions, for 2876 yards and 11 Touchdowns. And lots not forget passing. Although not often defenses must still worry about him throwing the ball in special situations. He has attempted 10 passes and completed 7 for 126 yards and most significant of all producing another 6 Touchdowns to his credit. Total TDS 117. Or 702 total career points. In 6 seasons.

It isn’t as though LaDainian Tomlinson has not been on the NFL radar for the last 6 years but his awesome skills have not gotten him the attention he deserves at least not until now. And by the way this is a player who is only 5’10” and 221 lbs. fairly small by many standards in today’s NFL.

An interesting comparison is with another current great player the Seattle Seahawks Shaun Alexander who last year set the Touchdown record which Tomlinson proceeded to break one year later besting Alexander’s 16 game total from last season in only 13 games this season. In 7 seasons in the NFL Alexander has a total of 99 TDS compared to Tomlinson’s 117. Tomlinson has 400 yds more than Alexander rushing and over 1400 yds more receiving.

Both Shaun Alexander and

LaDainian Tomlinson are

great running backs but

Tomlinson may prove

to be in a class

by himself

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