African American Footballers to ‘Invade’ China

Updated: December 20, 2006



Here is the opening paragraph

to our September 9, 2005 Box

about Paul Thompson

” Junior Paul Thompson the successor to Heisman ‘winner’ Jason White at Oklahoma after beating out Freshman Rhett Bomar in pre-season training camp named the Sooners Starting QB for 2005 quickly had the rug pulled out from under him last Saturday in the very first game of the new season as head coach Bob Scoops did not even wait to the end of the First Half before he pulled Thompson in favor of Bomar. ”

Followed further on by this ….

” What we clearly see is the extra “challenge” facing African American Quarterbacks the more major the college the greater the challenge. Black Quarterbacks can’t afford to be only as good as or marginally better than white QBs on the their team, and Black Quarterbacks can’t expect the support or the Benefit of the Doubt white Quarterbacks get. ”

That’s right Thompson got DUMPED for LOUD mouth Rhett Bomar. Thompson last season forced to play as an End just to play at all. Then as we LOVE to tell before this season began Bomar was forced to leave Oklahoma because he took illegal payments from a Sooner booster for work he never performed.

Low and behold Oklahoma

and Coach Bob Scoops

were desperate for

a Starting Quarterback

and they immediately

turned to Paul Thompson

Who never would have gotten any chance ever again to play Quarterback again if Bomar had not turned out to be a Sleaze ( which he always was ) and as good as Paul Thompson is. It may have been the best move Oklahoma ever made because with Thompson as Starting Quarterback Oklahoma just finished #7 in the AP Final Poll and #8 in the USA Today Poll.

Were it not for a blown call late in a game against Oregon earlier in the season which even the official who made the call has publicly acknowledged and apologized – were it not for that Bad Call which led to Oklahoma losing to Oregon by 1 point, the Sooners would have ended this season 12-1 …..

instead of the very good 11-2. Had the Sooners finished 12-1 they would have tied Florida for the second best record in the Top 10 and they not Florida might have been chosen to play Ohio State in the BCS Championship Game.

with Paul Thompson at Quarterback

that is about as remarkable as it gets

Black Quarterback Paul Thompson who beat out Rhett Bomar last season to be named the Sooners Starting Quarterback as a Junior, dumped even before the first game of last season was concluded, forced to change positions ….

……. returns as Starting Quarterback this season after Bomar is expelled from Oklahoma and Thompson leads the Sooners to Glory. When if Bomar was not such Slime Paul Thompson would never have been Quarterback. again because Rhett Bomar is White and Paul Thompson is Black. And Wealthy Alumni who give all the Dough love their White Quarterbacks.

Now Thompson will lead the Sooners to Glendale, Arizona but a week before the BCS Championship Game there, on January 1st to play the undefeated 12-0 Boise State Broncos in the Fiesta Bowl.

Again Thompson’s is

a Remarkable Story

he should be named

” ComeBack Player”

of the Year and

deserve to be

one of the 3 players invited

to the Heisman Awards

this coming weekend

Troy Smith, Chris Leak

and Paul Thompson

Three Spectacular

Black Quarterbacks

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