When A Name Is Just A Name And Nothing More

Updated: November 15, 2006



It’s OK the Mets did not name

their new stadium for Jackie Robinson

he never played for the Mets and

he didn’t play in Queens but

it’s WRONG they’re exploiting him

with Rachel Robinson their willing accomplice

as she is again and again and again

Who are “they.” Major League Baseball. Who else. Once again trafficking in Robinson’s name to try and look good. Giving the impression “they” are so dedicated to Jackie Robinson and his Legacy. And this Sucker Deal works every time. And that much better because Old Rachel Robinson ALWAYS comes out to thank Baseball for “nothing.” Excuse us not exactly nothing. They always write a check for Rachel and HER foundation. Just as long as she never complains and she NEVER ever does. She smiles and bends over. For the $$$$.

What exactly are we talking about ?

If you didn’t see it – and it was hard to avoid – the New York Mets broke ground for their new 21st century Stadium in Queens on Tuesday to Big Fan Fare. The New York media and the national press sucked it up. Just as the Mets PR scripted it.

The BIG story of the day was that the Mets sold the naming rights to the new stadium for mega-bucks to Citigroup. The ballpark for the next 20 years will be Citi Field. Actually Citicorp got taken for a ride as well. For all that money they should have demanded the stadium be Citicorp or CitiBank Field. Citi Field sounds so generic they will loss much of the value they paid for. Anyway …

The real scam was diverting attention away from the fact that Fred Wilpon, Mets owner and his Boys of Summer are cashing in in every way they can. So what did they do to look like public spirited Good Guys. They opted for the ALL purpose MLB solution. They dragged Jackie Robinson’s corpse out yet again,

And as usual Rachel Robinson was there

to drag his body in and collect the dough

her appearance fee for selling out

her late husband.

How Cynical. How Cruel. To write like this. When what the Mets did is so laudable. They are going to name the entry otherwise to be known as the Rotunda in honor of Jackie Robinson. And yes even have a little Jackie Robinson Museum right there in Citi Field. Aren’t we terrible for criticizing them.


It is absolutely no different then those tear jerking tributes Bud Selig delivers EVERY April 15th YES of course always with Rachel Robinson by his side waiting to collect another check for her “foundation.” Telling the world just how WONDERFUL MLB Baseball is for remembering her Great Husband.


That’s why there are FEWER African Americans in Baseball with each passing year. That’s why Baseball spends a fortune on kids in Latin America every year to interest them in Baseball and NOTHING in African American neighborhoods. That’s why Baseball markets aggressively to White Americans and Latin Americans and not at all to Black Americans. That why there will be ONLY 2 African American managers among 30 MLB Baseball in 2007 and ONLY 2 African American MLB Umpires in Baseball in 2007.

Rachel ALL because Baseball places

so much value on Jackie Robinson

and his Legacy

Get ready for this scenario

if Rachel Robinson lives long enough

( and we hope she does )


to Jackie Robinson when

there are NO more Africans Americans

in Baseball when the last Black player retires

Baseball will HONOR the Milestone by

requiring every one of the 30 MLB teams

to “rename” one of their White players

“Jackie Robinson” to keep the memory of

American Americans alive in Baseball

and Rachel Robinson will visit all

30 MLB ballparks to thank them for

keeping her husband’s name alive

and to collect her 30 checks

for HER foundation

( which has NOTHING to do with …..

keeping African Americans in Baseball )

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