Vick: Mora’s Dad Out Of Line

By Steve Wyche
Updated: November 23, 2006
FalconsATLANTA — Falcons quarterback Michael Vick did not appreciate remarks made by Jim Mora — the father of Falcons coach Jim Mora — who, during a radio interview last weekend, agreed with a suggestion by the host that Vick was a “coach killer.”

“Honestly, I really don’t know what to say,” Vick said Wednesday, the first time he was available to address the subject. “I can’t even respond to that. He’s a commentator. He’s going to say what he wants to say”.

“I think it was inappropriate, but he’s a commentator, and he has every right to say what he wants to say. I’m just going to keep playing football. At the same time, it’s crazy.”

Vick said the younger Jim Mora, his coach, spoke to him about his father’s remarks. That conversation did not seem to lessen the sting.

“Yeah, he came to me and talked to me about it, but when I’ve got to answer every phone call — I got 50 people calling my number, asking me did I hear that comment — it starts to burn on you a little bit,” Vick said, measuring his response. “I just ended up cutting my phone off and try to block it out and come play football.”

At a news conference at the team’s headquarters Wednesday, the younger Mora said he spoke to his father about his comments.

“He regrets saying it,” Mora said.

Here is what the elder Mora, the former New Orleans and Indianapolis head coach, who now is a broadcast analyst, said to host Craig Shemon, who suggested Vick was a “coach killer” during a Fox Sports Radio interview.

“I think you’re correct, and it worries me a little bit because my son is the head coach down there, ya know?” the elder Mora said. “But he’s a great athlete; my son likes him a lot; he’s a good kid. But he’s not a passer”.

“And you need a passer at quarterback to be successful consistently in the National Football League. And he ain’t getting it done in that category. I agree with you.”

An attempt to reach the elder Mora was unsuccessful.

The fact that his head coach is related to the man who made the remarks has not been lost on Vick.

“It’s a different situation. It’s different,” Vick said. “It’s something . . . I’m speechless. I never thought he would say that, but that must be the way he feels. If he feels that way, so be it. It is what it is. I’m going to keep doing what I do.”

Earlier in the week, Mora said Vick gets along well with all his coaches, which include offensive coordinator Greg Knapp and quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave.

“I’m a huge Mike Vick fan. I always have been,” Mora, the Falcons coach, said. “I love the guy. Great player, but I think he’s a better person. I really don’t care what anyone else says about Mike”.

“If I was starting a franchise and I could pick one guy, of all time, I’d pick Mike Vick. That’s how I feel about him.”