Turkeys & Football Thanksgiving Pardons & Apologies

Updated: November 23, 2006



President Bush out did himself

this Thanksgiving he Pardoned

Two White Turkeys now

he’s got 2 years left to


a Black Turkey

( unlikely )

Also on the subject of Turkeys. White Turkeys and Black Turkeys. And Football. Monday the Black Box made its biggest Blunder in more than 5 years and over 2000 Boxes. We accused an African American Quarterback of being White. Comparable to the criticism President Bush would have received in the opposite way had he pardoned a BLACK Turkey rather than White Turkeys.

If GWB ever did that he’d have

to spend his Thanksgiving

in Hiding for upsetting

most Americans

That’s why in its own way we have been “hiding out’ from Jaguars Quarterback David Garrard. This is what we wrote about Garrard replacing the injured Byron Leftwich as Starting Quarterback …..

” Leftwich may have a problem winning the Starting Quarterback job back from David Garrard who for a white guy is considered more mobile than Leftwich.

But we really have the White Quarterback syndrome at play. The unspoken “rule” we have identified in the Box again and again is “when you can find any excuse for using a White Quarterback over a Black QB use it. ”

The fact that the same statement would be True applied to any of the other 5 teams currently with Starting Black Quarterbacks let alone the other 26 NFL teams unfortunately does not qualify as a legitimate excuse presented in Court before “a body of your peers.” As they say on Court TV.

To make it worse or better depending on your perspective Monday night with that Box still up African American Quarterback David Garrard went out and had a stellar game crushing the New Jersey Giants 26-10 in Jacksonville on national TV. Garrard completed 19 of 32 passes for 249 yards. He ran for 31.

As for the Jaguars they are now 6-5 and firmly in 2nd place in the AFC South Division with a serious shot at a Play-off berth in a battle with Denver and and Kansas City most of all at the moment for that coveted Wild Card. So that Steve McNair may not be alone as The Great Black QB Hope in this year’s race to the next SuperBowl in February 2007.

And listen to this

God Forbid David Garrard gets injured this season

Who is his Backup ………

Defying belief and the ONLY case in all of NFL history.

All THREE Jaguar roster Quarterbacks for 2006 are African American. In fact for the FOURTH season in a row. The now injured Byron Leftwich, current Starting QB David Garrard and his Backup Black QB Quinn Gray .

In a nod to long time NFL “tradition” (sic) both David Garrard and Quinn Gray are listed on the Jacksonville roster as both Quarterbacks AND half-backs. Probably so that the other 31 NFL owners don’t disown the team.

So that’s our Thanksgiving Story

a Tale of Turkeys and Football

( and getting the facts straight )

and President George Bush trust us

there really are Black Turkeys

and they’d love a Pardon

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box ……. blackbox@blackathlete.net